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Students explore the definition and derivation of the popular usage of abbreviations in the English language. Using worksheets and lecture materials, students provide meanings for the abbreviation "prenup" when used as an word. They also consider the derivation of the abbreviation and provide examples of other abbreviations used as words.
In this abbreviations worksheet, students rewrite sentences using the correct abbreviation for the names of people. Students rewrite 8 sentences.
In this abbreviation for the months of the year instructional activity, students review correct abbreviations, then write the month of the year and its abbreviation indicated by a statement about that month.
In this abbreviations worksheet, students review the definition and an example chart of abbreviations. Students then write the abbreviations for the 15 words. Students also rewrite the 3 sentences using abbreviations.
In this abbreviations worksheet, students write the abbreviations for the words given to them. Students complete 6 problems where they write abbreviations.
In this vocabulary worksheet, students write the definition of 25 abbreviations and one example of somewhere they might see each one. Students also think of ten more common abbreviations and create their own.
Do your learners know that there are different systems to measure length, volume, and weight? Explain metric measuring and its base ten decimal system using this comprehensive set of worksheets! For all three types of measurement, learners first read a page explaining various units of measurement, covering abbreviations, values, and conversions to standard U.S. units. Then, they practice by answering questions, matching names to abbreviations, and mastering the prefix meanings.
Students use abbreviations correctly in everyday situations. Activities include introductions to abbreviating names, titles, months, and more.
Learners explore abbreviations and acronyms. Students examine the difference between the two types. Learners complete a worksheet, sorting words. They write a creative script containing abbreviations and acronyms.
Young scholars identify appropriate abbreviations, food-measurement terminology, techniques, equivalents, calculate recipe-size adjustments, and demonstrate proper measuring techniques.
In this spelling and language arts instructional activity, students complete 8 pages of varied exercises. Included are abbreviations, pronouns, spelling riddles, and adverbs.
Students listen the books, "Today Is Monday," "Chicken Soup with Rice," and discuss how we use abbreviations for days of the week. This simple lesson plan is a good way to introduce the common abbreviations that young readers will encounter in their texts.
That’s showbiz! Clipping is the term used to describe one type of abbreviation of words. After listening to a talk by Professor David Crystal about this particular way English language changes, pupils supply the shortened, or clipped, versions of a list of words. 
This measurement PowerPoint introduces the abbreviations in measurement. Each slide contains several clues and an abbreviation of a unit of measurement. Students identify the correct unit of measurement by considering the given clues. There are seven abbreviations of measurement that are introduced. This PowerPoint is student driven, as they are responsible to identify the measurement based on the clues.
Test your middle schoolers on their knowledge of common abbreviations. Abbreviations such as PS, RSVP, PM, and AM are discussed. I suppose you could use this as a bell-ringer or a time-filler. There are 12 questions listed. 
For this useful abbreviations worksheet, students are given thirty abbreviations to figure out what each of them mean. Students brainstorm the answers together.
In this useful abbreviations worksheet, students, in groups of two, are given thirty common abbreviations to figure out what each one means.
In this identifying abbreviations and initials worksheet, students rewrite words and names using abbreviations and initials. Students write twelve short answers.
In this grammar worksheet, students read and edit six sentences by correcting the abbreviations and acronyms within the sentence. Additionally, students match five abbreviations with their meaning.
In this language arts worksheet, students match abbreviations that are used in the English language but come from Latin derivatives. They draw a line from 19 abbreviations to their definitions.

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