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Sal reviews absolute value equations by taking viewers through a careful and deliberate problem-solving process. Those who didn't thoroughly understand absolute value during class will appreciate Sal's steady and straightforward instruction.
Several examples of positive and negative numbers in their absolute value are plotted on a number line.
Combining the skills from the previous videos, particularly inequalities and absolute values, Sal works to solve several new sample problems. He encourages watching the video "over and over," which is a good piece of advice for mathematicians of any skill level.
This lesson demonstrates how to solve an absolute value equation, keeping in mind there are two possible answers.
Solving a simple absolute value equation.
Solving inequalities involving an absolute value can be a challenging concept for students to grasp. Sal establishes a foundation through examples and careful explanation. He then builds on that foundation by demonstrating how to solve problems.
Sal unravels the mystery of absolute value. This presentation contains well-defined and clearly explained examples that build upon each other to provide a strong foundation for solving equations that contain absolute value. This would be a wonderful compliment to any lesson or as extra support for struggling learners.
Combining the skills from the previous videos, particularly inequalities and absolute values, Sal works to solve several new sample problems. He encourages watching the video "over and over," which is a good piece of advice for mathematicians of any skill level.
A teacher's guide precedes the five-page worksheet on solving absolute value problems. A summary, essential question, launch and exploration activities are suggested to go along with the assignment. You might want to know that the worksheet itself, while pertinent to the skills of solving and graphing absolute value problems on a number line, is dry; there are no real-life applications.
The skill set for this lesson is to have learners use tables to generate functions and functions to generate graphs. They work through a series of worksheets with the instructor to determine absolute value, domain, x and y intercept and complete transformations. All of the necessary worksheets and a homework assignment is included.
What is absolute value? What is an absolute value function? Emerging mathematicians solve equations containing variables inside an absolute value sign.  They graph each function on a coordinate plane and identify the maximum and minimum values in the graph.  This two-page learning exercise contains detailed notes, examples, and instruction, as well as four problems.
Help your learners understand which submarine is deeper by going into more depth with the fourth video in a series on absolute value. It also includes an example on comparing debt and a comparing which runner is farther away from the finish. Both are great uses of absolute value in the real world. The extension activities, which are part of the presentation, include a flash card activity for learners that need more practice on ordering absolute values and a research project for the more advanced student.
As long as you keep in mind that there is no such thing as negative distance, then you will know the meaning of absolute value. The teacher writes on a white board to explore integers on a number line, give a definition of absolute value, and then review. This is especially useful as homework if you are using a flipped classroom model. Once your class has viewed this clip, they are ready to identify absolute values.
Students solve absolute value equations graphically and using tables.  In this solving absolute value equations graphically and using tables instructional activity, students compare linear equations with absolute value equations.  Students verify solutions to absolute value equations using a graph.  Students solve absolute value equations with one and no solutions.
Students identify where in the real world absolute values are used. In this algebra activity, students find the range of values and solve inequality and absolute value problems.
Students explore the concept of absolute value functions.  In this absolute value functions lesson, students determine the difference in temperature from daily temperature and the average temperature for a given month.  Students plot the data using a scatter plot and find a function to model the data.
Continue practicing absolute value with the last video of a series about comparisons of absolute value with regard to order. The visual representations of more debt and less debt, deeper and shallower, and even cold and colder help class members understand how the real world uses absolute value. Try out the extension activity, which applies to all levels of learners.
Don't be negative about this absolute value video. It reviews positive and negative numbers and clearly shows your number crunchers that opposites have the same absolute value. Take a look at the Coach's Commentary and Guided Practice videos for additional information. The extension activities, which are part of the provided presentation, should not be overlooked because they will help differentiate the instructional activity.
High schoolers discuss the definition of absolute value, and view examples of absolute value equations. They use a calculator to evaluate absolute value expressions and complete a worksheet.
In this absolute value activity, students find the correct equations and inequalities for absolute value. Students complete 18 problems.

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