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Students examine the role of stories in African and African-American cultures. This lesson is written for students with visual impairments. They
Free speech, privacy, and cyberbullying are the focus of a series of activities that cause class members to engage in discussions about these interrelated topics. They view a segment from PBS’s “Cyberbullying—Effects on Teens Across the Nation,” read articles about teens who committed suicide, and discuss the motivations of key players in several scenarios. A powerful topic sensitively handled.
In this listening skills interactive worksheet, students listen to a song clip by the Chipmunks and fill in the correct missing lyrics. There are 40 missing words to complete.
Learners practice their listening skills by listening to the teacher give directions for a magic trick and trying to complete it successfully.
Use an alternative setting for pregnant teens and young mothers, as well as special education children to examine environmental topics through literature. Included in this unit is a visit to neighborhood libraries to select children's books on the environment. Through reading and research, learners work together to create an original book.
Students in this workshop strive to be reflective listeners as Master Teachers. They focus on communication skills necessary to deal with common family problems and community problems.
Students read selections about friendships and discover ways to work with other learners. In this building friendships lesson, students identify main ideas and details in reading selections about friendship and how to make friends. Students use story maps, dialogue, and essays to discover ways friends can help them enjoy life and learning.
Learners investigate human health by completing a worksheet in class. In this sexual activity lesson, students identify the importance of contraceptive devices and birth control. Learners complete role-play scenarios in which two people discuss their decision to use birth control.
Students examine the Industrial Revolution and write an essay about the problems it brought to cities. They also examine the environmental impact of the Industrial Revolution. They take a quiz to test for comprehension.
Going out to lunch, reading a menu, making choices, and spending time socializing are all parts of growing up. Teens with visual impairments use several braille menus from local restaurants to practice ordering and appropriatelyeating meals. After a bit of in-class practice and role-playing, they put their skills to the test with an outing to an already agreed upon restaurant. Community integration and independence can taste so good!
Discuss how media influences teen sexuality by explaining the importance of values learned from family, religion and society. Learners will role play given scenarios and write a reflection after the lesson.
Help potential job seekers create a personal job options list that "fits" their personality type. They will discover specific occupational information about two chosen careers. Then they will identify the most important factors to keep in mind when choosing a career and create a personal business card that identifies them with their career titles.
Read and examine primary source material in order to analyze, synthesize, and debate information about the Great Depression. Critical analysts research various source materials related to the Great Depression. They work in teams to debate both affirmative and negative positions on a given topic.
Learners explore the concept of respectful listening.  In this listening skills activity, students discuss and demonstrate good and bad listening skills.  Learners work in groups to decide what is easy and hard about listening respectfully. 
How does one have a discussion with a partner about a sexually transmitted disease? This is probably not a conversation that happens to be in everyone's repertoire. This lesson presents some role-playing scenarios that your class can participate in, as well as have the opportunity to create their own. It will probably feel a bit awkward, but it's good practice to hear and have these kinds of conversations.
In this vocabulary and listening skills online worksheet, students complete a crossword puzzle with the names of fast foods that are shown in clip art pictures. They watch a YouTube video about a fast food restaurant becoming organic. They answer 6 true or false questions, and complete a text by inserting the proper words. They write the answers to 4 reasoning questions on a separate piece of paper.
In this Regents High School Comprehensive Examination worksheet, students listen to a passage and answer ten multiple choice questions to check comprehension.  Students then complete an essay response in which they write a feature article giving advice on writing successful How-To articles.
In this Regents High School Examination Comprehensive Examination worksheet, students listen to an account and write an essay response.  Students then read a text and study a graph and write an essay based on the information given.
Students analyze the issue of consumption using the No Impact Project. In this consumption lesson, students watch a video about issues related to consumption. Students discuss the prevalence of advertising and society's need for consumerism. Students identify strategies for environmentally responsible consumption and create a gift registry with ideas for presents that are against the consumerist experience as well as environmentally responsible.
For this speaking and listening skills worksheet, students listen for well-known number mnemonics as they play bingo. They would hear phrases such as "Duck and dive- number 25" or "Gateway to heaven- number 27."

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