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Students add integers and use counters to create a visual. In this algebra lesson, students work in pairs as they use the computer to add integers. They complete an assessment on adding integers at the end of the activity.
Seventh graders play a game of "Tug of War" on a number line to model adding integers. They use the internet web site, BrainPOP, to review the concept of adding and subtracting. They complete a worksheet and an exit quiz.
Seventh graders participate in a demonstration lesson of adding integers using a number line and counters. They complete practice problems one white boards with volunteers modeling the procedure. They access two websites in order to work with adding integers at a variety of levels.
In this adding integers worksheet, learners solve and complete 20 various types of problems. First, they add like integers and subtract when necessary. Then, they write the correct sign next to each integer.
Seventh graders examine the characteristics of an integer. As a class, they observe a number line and recognize opposite numbers. Algebra tiles, or counters, are used to explore the concept of adding integers. In groups, 7th graders play an integer card game to reinforce the sum of integers.
Using a variety of methods, pupils are introduced to the idea of adding integers. There are real-life examples involving integers, and a journal template that makes this lesson more than just an everyday math experience. Learners use Palm Pilots and TI-83 calculators to complete the problems. However, they could use whatever tools are available, including a pencil and paper, for completing the activities.
Students add integers using the right order. In this algebra lesson, students identify numbers on a number line created with tape on the floor. They use the number line to help with addition and subtraction.
In this integer worksheet, students solve 12 problems, adding integers. Answers and hints are available on-line; a reference web site for additional resources is given.
In this adding integers worksheet, 5th graders examine 2 examples of how to use a number line to add integers. They complete 5 examples.
Using a number line, 6th graders solve problems involving adding integers. Using this worksheet on adding integers, students can practice the basic operation and how to apply this skill to real-life examples.
In this adding integers activity, students solve 10 problems, adding integers. Students may click on hint or check answer buttons. Page has links to additional resources.
In this adding integers with a number line worksheet, students problem solve and calculate the answers to eighteen addition equations.
Students add integers using a number line. For this algebra lesson, students add one and two digit integers. They compare zero pairs and the addition of integers.
Sixth graders add integers with the help of technology. They rotate centers to investigate comprehension of adding integers. Students estimate the results of computations. They judge the reasonableness of solutions.
In this adding integers worksheet, 1st graders add the positive and negative number sentences together and write the answer in the provided space.
In this adding integers worksheet, 1st graders add the positive and negative numbers in each number sentence and then write their answer in the provided space.
Explaining the concept of adding integers with different signs can become confusing. Use this video to provide students with a clear and explicit demonstration of how negative and positive numbers are added together. Sal uses a number line and differentiates terms by color to show the process.
In this addition of integers worksheet, students add 20 sets of three integers.
For this addition worksheet, students add one and two digit numbers together including negative numbers. Students complete 30 problems.
Prealgebrarians use colored chips, stickers, and pencils to explore the world of integers. They discover absolute value, compare positiveĀ and negative integers, and apply operations to them. A detailed procedure for the three-part activity is provided, as well as pertinent worksheets with answer keys. Nice!

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