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Students add integers and use counters to create a visual. In this algebra instructional activity, students work in pairs as they use the computer to add integers. They complete an assessment on adding integers at the end of the activity.
Using a variety of methods, pupils are introduced to the idea of adding integers. There are real-life examples involving integers, and a journal template that makes this activity more than just an everyday math experience. Learners use Palm Pilots and TI-83 calculators to complete the problems. However, they could use whatever tools are available, including a pencil and paper, for completing the activities.
Boy I would have loved adding integers if I had known this short cut. Without explaining why it works Duane tells viewers that to determine your answer's sign when adding integers with different signs all they need to do is write down the sign of the larger number they added.
As a follow up to his video on adding integers with the same sign, Duane created this shortcut video to make life easier. He tells learners they can ditch the number line and just add the absolute value of each number and attach the sign.
Learners add integers using the right order. In this algebra lesson, students identify numbers on a number line created with tape on the floor. They use the number line to help with addition and subtraction.
In this adding integers worksheet, 5th graders examine 2 examples of how to use a number line to add integers. They complete 5 examples.
Using a number line, 6th graders solve problems involving adding integers. Using this learning exercise on adding integers, students can practice the basic operation and how to apply this skill to real-life examples.
In this adding integers with a number line worksheet, students problem solve and calculate the answers to eighteen addition equations.
Duane uses a vertical number line to show learners how to add integers with the same sign. The vertical number line is an effective visual tool that will help viewers better understand exactly what happens when two positive or two negative integers are added together.
Using that neat vertical number line, tutor Duane shows what happens when you add two integers together when they have different signs. This is a great visual tool and may help learners who have a difficult time conceptualizing this process.
Students add integers using a number line. In this algebra lesson plan, students add one and two digit integers. They compare zero pairs and the addition of integers.
Seventh graders play a game of "Tug of War" on a number line to model adding integers. They use the internet web site, BrainPOP, to review the concept of adding and subtracting. They complete a worksheet and an exit quiz.
Seventh graders participate in a demonstration lesson of adding integers using a number line and counters. They complete practice problems one white boards with volunteers modeling the procedure. They access two websites in order to work with adding integers at a variety of levels.
Sixth graders add integers with the help of technology. They rotate centers to investigate comprehension of adding integers. Students estimate the results of computations. They judge the reasonableness of solutions.
In this adding integers instructional activity, 1st graders add the positive and negative number sentences together and write the answer in the provided space.
In this addition of integers worksheet, middle schoolers add 20 sets of three integers.
Young mathematicians explore integers. They review adding integers through engaging in mathematical labs. Each lab station is designed to reflect one of the multiple intelligences. Resources for all activities are provided.
In this number sense activity, student practice adding integers with a range of (-99) to (+99). They find the sums in 54 problems.
In this adding integers activity, students solve and complete 20 various types of problems. First, they add like integers and subtract when necessary. Then, they write the correct sign next to each integer.
In this integers online interactive worksheet, students complete a chart on adding integers and rewrite 11 positive integer questions without the positive signs. Students solve 2 online integer word problems on the lines provided.

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