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In this dependent clause/sentence types worksheet, students complete 10 multiple choice questions. Answers are included, labeled as a quiz, but may be used as practice.
In this grammar learning exercise, students practice working with clauses. Students are given ten sets of sentences where they are to combine the sentences and create three new sentences using a "who/which" clause, and adverbial clause, and an "-ing" or "-ed" opener.
Characteristics of dependent and independent clauses are the focus of this language arts lesson. High schoolers take notes on specific definitions and traits of clauses and their correct grammatical use. This lesson provides links to several other specific grammar lessons.
Use this worksheet whenever you'd like to test or practice adverb clauses. On the page is a pair of exercises that help learners practice identifying and writing adverb clauses. Since there aren't examples, this would work well as an assessment or as an extension of an in-class lesson. Split up the exercises over a few days, or assign one for a warm-up and one for homework.
Work on modifying phrases and improving writing technique with this worksheet. Young grammarians shorten clauses by modifying phrases to complete the sentences. They complete 16 sentences for practice. Scroll to the bottom of the page to access the practice opportunity.
Is your class in the mood for the imperfect subjunctive? They will be if they understand when to use it. Pupils can read, or you can take lesson inspiration from, the the provided information. Learners will find out all about using the imperfect subjunctive in noun clauses, adjective clauses, adverbial clauses, hypothetical situations, and more. You can present the material using the slide show included on the third tab, which includes a quick translation exercise.
In this reducing adjective clauses part 2 worksheet, students read the explanation for shortening a relative (adjective) clause with an active voice verb, then interactively completes 10 sentences by reducing the modifying clause to a participial one, with immediate online feedback.
In this subordinate clauses worksheet, students choose which kind of clause is in a sentence. Students choose from a noun clause, adverbial clause, relative clause, and comparative clause.
In this grammar worksheet, students read 23 sentences and mark the noun clause, adjective clause, or adverb clause. They read 20 sentences to find a noun phrase, verb phrase, or prepositional phrase. 
In this grammar worksheet, students review and discuss the general rules for punctuating adverb clauses. Students then place a comma where one is needed in ten sentences with adverb clauses.
Wow! A comprehensive resource that covers all of the bases of the subjunctive! The first eight pages provide charts, examples, and translations, and the last two pages contain two cumulative exercises. How much was learned from the information provided? Test your learners and find out!
For this adjective and adverbial phrases practice worksheet, students read an informative lesson. Students then respond to 10 questions that require them to identify prepositional phrases and label the adjective or adverbial clause.
Trying to help your learners improve their writing? Experiment with complex sentences with this handout and short exercise. This handout presents definitions of different types of clauses, a table explaining subordinating conjunctions, and a brief word on punctuation. For the exercises, learners identify subordinating conjunctions in a series of sentences and then rewrite the sentences by playing around with clauses.
“I am. I think. I will.” Seek the secrets of words. Ayn Rand’s Anthem provides the text for a series of exercises that ask readers to analyze how Rand uses antimetabole, epistrophe, parallelism, and repetition to create meaning. Using the provided worksheets and graphic organizers, individuals explain the meaning of passages, analyze how Rand uses various grammatical devices to underscore her point, and then create their own examples. 
For this grammar worksheet, students learn about reducing adverb clauses to adverbial phrases. They then rewrite 3 sentences on their own using the information they learned.
In this grammar worksheet, students learn about reducing adverb clauses to adverbial phrases. They then rewrite 4 sentences using what they just learned.
In this interactive punctuation activity, students select the best word that joins together the ten given sentences. There is an answer sheet with this online activity.
Designed originally for higher education, this PowerPoint could also be used to introduce your high schoolers to the semicolon, colon, and comma splice. The texts do not contain pictures or graphics; instead, they present information in an organized, bullet-point template. 
For this connecting words worksheet, students choose the correct connecting word to complete the sentences. Students choose the connecting word for 15 sentences.
In this adverbs worksheet, students choose the correct adverb in the correct tense agreement to complete the sentences. Students complete 10 sentences total.

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