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Students use the Internet to research African American inventors. They work with a partner to complete a graphic organizer about the inventors and the inventions.
Students learn about African American inventors. In this inventing lesson, students are assigned an African American inventor to research. Students work in pairs to complete their research. Students write a compare and contrast paragraph between Vivian Thomas (from lesson one) and the inventor they researched.
Students examine the variety of African American inventions and discoveries. They select an African American inventor, conduct Internet research, and write a report in the form of a biography, a series of letters from the inventor to his or her family, or a poster.
Pupils study various African American inventors and their contributions. They select their favorite invention and work in groups to research a specific African American inventor. After conducting their research, they share their findings with their group and decide how to present it to the class and share their final product.
Learners are introduced to a groups of African American inventors. In groups, they research the role of each person in improving different industries. They also examine the barriers African Americans faced from the Civil War to the Civil Rights movement. To end the instructional activity, they share their information with the class.
Students research, using the Internet, technological advances that have resulted from the work of African Americans. They discuss and share the results of their research. They complete the assignment by writing an essay how different life would be without the invention that they researched.
Students explore the concept of inventors and trailblazers. In this inventors and trailblazers lesson, students discover what ten African American inventors created and went through in order to create their invention. Students then research and discuss who and what they found out about these inventors. 
Ninth graders research inventions and discoveries that were made by African Americans using the attached worksheet. They investigate the contributions of these scientists using print media and interviews. They design slideshow presentation highlighting these contributions.
Students use print and electronic resources to research the contribution of African American inventors. In groups, they gather their information and present it to the class. If possible, they bring in the item invented and demonstrate how to use it.
Students research the careers of African-American scientists and inventors. They uses both Internet and print resourses for their research. They design a slideshow presentation on five of these significant individuals.
Fifth graders are introduced to ways to increase their self-esteem. As a class, they share their specific talents under three categories. In groups, they use the internet to research the lives of various African Americans making sure to note their struggles and behaviors. To end the lesson, they set their own career goal and how to accomplish it.
Students examine the inventions of African Americans and how their inventions contributed to the common good. In this African American inventions lesson, students research the inventions of African Americans and reflect on how that invention has impacted on society.
Students research the Internet for information about African-American inventors and their inventions. After collecting their data, students must build and manage information in a database that catalogs the inventions of African-Americans.
Students investigate the life of African Americans in the North during the American Revolution. They analyze how authors use various techniques to write biographies, read about Sojourner Truth, conduct research, and write an excerpt about Sojourner.
In this mini book worksheet, students will cut apart and staple 23 small pages to create a mini book of famous African Americans from history. Each page has a picture and short bio of a historical figure.
What makes a person famous? In order to learn more about notable African Americans students will conduct Internet research to collect data on a chosen African American leader. They will use their findings to create a bio-cube where each square shows one aspect of that person's life and accomplishments.
Students use the internet to complete a scavenger hunt on African-American history. After locating all the information, they answer questions related to various topics related to African-Americans. They share their information with the class and ask any questions they have.
Study African American inventor Jan Ernst Matzeliger and create imaginary monsters using texture.
Learners will use texture to create imaginary monsters and learn about the African American inventor Jan Earnst Matzeliger.
High schoolers create a database with the inventions of African-Americans. They analyze and sort the data in an appropriate fashion. They use the internet to gather their information for the database.

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