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Now here is a very well-designed resource describing the types of jobs available to those interested in pursuing an agricultural career. Each job type is defined by the education required, average annual salary, and job expectations. It's never to early to start planning for the future!
Students explore various careers in agriculture. As a class, they match careers with the definitions of jobs. Students create their own Bingo card by placing given pictures of careers on the paper. After several careers are discussed, students play a Bingo game.
Students develop career awareness and skill building for job performance. After completing an inventory of interests and skills, students link their career choice to a the agricultural components contained in their choice. Thy determine whether their career interest can be pursued through an agricultural career. Loaf of bread analogy is used to link jobs to agricultural.
Fourth graders examine Utah's economic structure and learn about agricultural careers.  For this agricultural careers lesson, 4th graders follow agricultural products from their source to the lunch table. Students chart their results to understand the many jobs involved in getting the food to the table.
Upper graders explore agriculture careers. They brainstorm possible careers in the agricultural field and choose a career of interest to them.  Everyone writes a paper about different aspects of this career using the six traits of writing model.
What do corn and career exploration have in common? A lot, if you're considering an agricultural career that contributes to alternative fuel resources. Through a series of films, presentations, activities, and readings, learners will explore the possibilities of growing corn and algae to produce fuel. Note: Everything needed to complete the lesson is included.
Consider sharing information about a fast growing career cluster with your class. They'll discuss the careers and higher education associated with agricultural careers. A worksheet, web links, and video links make exploring the world of agriculture easy.
The first day of class is always exciting! Here is a first day lesson intended to introduce new ag-ed learners to what they'll be doing and learning throughout the semester. The class introduction focuses on three topics: understanding the agriculture program, agricultural career clusters, and personal interests. 
Young scholars investigate agricultural careers and all the related jobs tied to them. The instructional activity has a great introduction with information for the students and teacher. The instructional activity incorporates drawing and writing to engage multiple intelligences for the right and left brain.
Students discuss and identify the job market in agriculture. They define what is meant by Exploratory SAE and list five possible opportunities in the local community. Finally, students differentiate between improvement and supplementary SAE activities, listing five examples of improvement activities and five tasks that are supplementary SAE activities.
Students explore careers in agriculture.  For this agriculture lesson, students research assigned careers in agricultural sciences.  Students evaluate their researched positions for job security and wage potential.
Students investigate careers in Agriscience. They participate in various activities to stay engaged in the lesson. Students also research different careers that are available in the field. Then they answer questions about a career of choice.
Discuss the possibilities of a career in agriculture with your class. They will view a movie, two presentations, visit three websites, and investigate the types of careers available to those seeking employment in the agricultural field. Farming, business, and agriculture-science are all potential career opportunities. 
What is agriscience and could it hold a potential career opportunity? Learners define agriscience and explore careers that involve both agriculture and natural resource fields. The lesson includes several web links, a game, a full lesson, and related videos.
Before one can make a career choice, one must know what is needed to enter a given career path. Seventh graders explore agriculture as a business and as a future job opportunity. They play online games, view films, and engage in group activities that provide them with basic information about agricultural science and business.
Use a variety of group activities to explore living science careers. Living science careers include everything from a food scientist or farmer to a veterinarian or agricultural economist. Kids will discuss 31 different careers in this career cluster, complete two group activities, and three included worksheets. A plethora of addition materials are also included.
An excellent resource gets kids looking at agricultural production to better understand the careers needed in distributing foods from the farm to the consumer. Book, poster, web, and video links are included for teacher use. There is also an 11-page lesson guide. 
Learners explore the importance of agribusiness in the US economy. They play one game where they sort and discuss the importance of agricultural commodities. They also play the game Pit to better understand how agricultural products are traded throughout the economic system. Multiple video, game, and activity links are included.
Learn about food production by making cheese, seeing how a seed gets to a shelf, and discussing food safety. Budding agriculturalists complete several activities and learn about food production, biotechnology, food preservation, processing, and distribution.
Students explore eight Career and Technical areas and make connections with business, family and consumers, and technology. They examine and describe how agriculture and natural resources impact our quality of life. Students recognize and explain how the agricultural system works and identify related corresponding careers in agricultural and forestry production.

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