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Students discover facts about Alabama. In this Alabama lesson, students gain information about Alabama's state bird, state flower and state animal. Students study the history of how Alabama became a state.
In this reading comprehension activity worksheet, students read 5 selections pertaining to the geography, history, industry, exploration, and people of Alabama and then respond to 30 true or false, multiple choice, and short answer questions.
Learners explore U.S. geography by reading assigned text in class. In this Alabama state lesson, students identify the location of Alabama as well as the state bird, animal and flower. Learners research the Civil Rights era in relation to Alabama as well.
Young scholars examine the role of water in Alabama's history. They discover the geographical regions of the state and how dams change Alabama's rivers.
Students research the flag, seal, tree, bird, and flower of the state of Alabama. They analyze and discuss each of the symbols as a class, listen to the story "Y is for Yellowhammer," explore various websites, and design a flag for Alabama that reflects what they have learned about the state symbols.
Fourth graders research famous Alabamians and state landmark while watching websites using a projection system. They use both Internet and print resource to determine important facts about Alabama. They create a brochure and slideshow to showcase the information from the research.
Sixth graders examine databases at the Alabama Virtual Library while completing an associated worksheet. They apply information from the virtual library to research and create a presentation about a United States president. They make a poster or computer base presentation to share.
Who knew a state quarter could say so much? Alabama's quarter is embossed with an image of Helen Keller, pupils will use this image to think about what the phrase "Spirit of courage" means. They will use a graphic organizer to differentiate physical and character traits, read about Helen Keller, and make a Helen Keller mobile. This may be a great opportunity to have a deaf special guest come in and share what they think about Helen Keller and the spirit of courage.
Young scholars research and examine the lives of famous people who have changed the history of Alabama. They write a short biographical summary and create a 3-D scan picture.
Pupils create a multimedia presentation in small groups about Alabama. They conduct Internet research, create a map of Alabama, and complete their guide to five selected sites in Alabama using descriptions, map locations, expenses, and useful information for visiting these sites.
Students research significant historical sites of Alabama and share their results through a videoconference with students from other states. They listen to the book, "Crazy for California," conduct Internet research, evaluate a survey sent to students in another state, and perform a version of Amazing Alabama by videoconference.
Young scholars research Alabama's capital and first governors. In this government lesson, students visit the website and record notes about the government of Alabama in a learning log.
Students research and classify the Indian cultures in Alabama's history.
In this quilting worksheet, students follow the directions to re-create the official quilt of Alabama, The Pine Burr Quilt. They use geometric shapes and stitching directions to make quilt squares.
Fourth graders use coordinates on a map to locate specific Alabama cities. Students use current maps of Alabama and apply the concepts of coordinate grid mapping to find cities and to complete a worksheet.
Students investigate some of Alabama's agricultural resources and create a multimedia presentation about one of them or a brochure featuring Alabama's resources. They decorate Alabama shaped cookies.
Students describe life on the Alabama frontier. They identify topics important to early settlers and explain the impact of geography on development. They explore the government's role in the sale of public land.
In this online interactive Alabama worksheet, students examine 10 cities in a word bank. Students use the word bank to unscramble 10 sets of letters. This worksheet may also be printed for classroom use.
For this online interactive Alabama worksheet, students examine 20 state-related words in a word bank. Students use the word bank to unscramble 20 sets of letters. This worksheet may also be printed for classroom use.
In this state of Alabama worksheet, students study a picture of the state quarter for Alabama. Using the information on the coin, students answer 5 short essay questions about Alabama.

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