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Middle schoolers will identify the parts of an algebraic expression by telling the number of terms in one expression. Then they will collect like terms and solve three problems. Next, they will complete a table involving three sets of algebra tile displays, evaluating each with a given value of x. In all they will solve 4 application problems. Answer key is not included.
Students investigate the achievements of the Chinese in mathematics. In this algebra lesson plan, students convert Chinese number and decimal numbers and solve a 3x3 systems of equation. They relate art to mathematics also.
Students evaluate the area of a picture frame and write algebraic representations. In this algebra lesson, students work in groups to find the area of different picture frames.  Students then write algebraic expressions and present then to the class.
Challenge your class to complete word problems using algebra tiles about completing the square. Learners complete 16 problems. Note: The answer key is not included.
Pupils manipulate integers quickly to get their answers. In this algebra lesson, students play an interactive game as they review basic algebraic operations. They add, subtract, multiply and divide quickly to get the correct answer.
Middle schoolers create a method for finding the area of a fame for a picture and then transfer their shared methods into algebraic expressions. They develop the algebraic language to communicate and solve problems effectively and use variables and symbols to write equations. Pupils use the computer to examine graphic representation of their equations.
Learners understand that algebra is a branch of mathematics that uses symbols or letters to represent unknown numbers in problems. They also understand the definition for an algebraic expression. Make sure to click on the Download the Activity bear so that you can access a top-notch task document that walks learners through the evaluation of algebraic expressions. It can be used as part of your lesson or sent home as reinforcement.
The instructor demonstrates how to plug-in given variables to rewrite an algebraic expression as a numerical expression. Follow the order of operation rules to simplify the numerical expression once you have plugged in those given values.
Students attempt to make a transition from arithmetical to algebraic thinking by extending from problems that have single-solution responses. Values organized into tables and graphs are used to move toward symbolic representations.
How does algebra relate to real life? High schoolers will construct and test computer chips to determine the function of each, and discuss real life applications of the Boolean Algebraic concept. Included are discussion questions, gender equity considerations, web links, a clear procedure, and all necessary worksheets. The format is a slide show.
In this algebra practice worksheet, 6th graders solve various equations, graph solutions and functions, evaluate logarithmic forms, find unknown equations, write formulas and expanded form, use the binomial theorem, etc. Students solve 36 problems.
This easy-to-understand video demonstrates how to find the value of multi-step algebraic expressions with substitution. It reviews order of operations to help learners avoid common mistakes when solving. The sample problems show all four operations and use different values for substitution. As an added bonus, the resource includes a Spanish version of the video. 
Students assess how algebra, telescopes, space exploration and optics are so important in astronomy. They encounter studies on the Hubble Space Telescope, Hubble Deep Field and how algebra helps to determine the effects of contamination on Hubble's optics. Students are introduced to the development of the Next Generation Space Telescope.
Middle schoolers will read word problems, create questions, and come up with solutions. They are taught to use previous knowledge combined with current content to solve problems logically and algebraically.
Students add and subtract polynomials. In this algebra lesson, students use algebra tiles to perform operation of polynomials. They model their problems and understand how to combine like terms using tiles.
In this algebra word problems worksheet, students use their problem solving skills to solve 31 basic algebra problems and word problems.
Students discover the applications for Transistors. In this technology lesson, students work with transistor circuits to apply the Boolean method when solving algebra problems. There is a diagram included in this worksheet.
Students solve 17 word problems using beginning algebra skills. For this algebra word problems worksheet, students translate word problems into number symbols and solve.
In this expansions worksheet, students use area to solve expansions of brackets problems. There are 4 of this type, each problem having less guidance than the previous. The second activity asks students to solve magic square puzzles using algebra. In the third activity, students use a grid to determine the answers when raising (x+1) to different powers. There are 10 problems on this worksheet.
Using the letter x as a variable and to represent multiplication can be confusing to algebra learners. Present newcomers with the alternative notation for multiplication and division modeled in the video. After showing the video, try out the included Guided Practice, which asks learners to rewrite written algebraic phrases as algebraic expressions. An effective standalone video that is the second in a series on writing, reading, and evaluating expressions.