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Students solve systems of equations algebraically. In this algebra lesson, students solve systems using substitution and elimination. They solve linear and quadratic systems.
Second graders are exposed to algebraic thinking by exploring the concept of a variable. They tell how many years have passed since they've seen a favorite teacher and then examine how they arrived at this number. They write equations.
Students develop algebraic equations to solve problems involving farm animals. They watch a video, use manipulatives to determine the number of birds and pigs on the farm, and create original problems for their classmates to solve.
Students use Olympic athlete statistics to make algebraic calculations. In this algebraic equation instructional activity, students use algebra to calculate athlete speed and calories burned.
In this advanced algebra instructional activity, students solve seven problem sets covering: linear equations, arithmetic sequence, slope, point-slope, median, linear system, substitution method and the elimination method. 
Fifth graders examine real world algebra problems. In this algebra lesson, 5th graders work in pairs to solve problems. Students in each group work the problem in a different manner. Students compare their answers and list other ways to solve the problem.
This algebra worksheet, is a comprehensive review of college prep algebra. The 100 questions are organized by chapter and cover operations with integers, solving equations and inequalities, coordinate graphing concepts, exponents, polynomials, proportion, and radicals.
In this linear algebra worksheet, students complete matrix multiplication. They find the row space and nullspace of given matrices. This two-page worksheet contains examples, explanations, and approximately four problems to complete.
Students model formulas for rectangles and squares. In this area, arithmetic and algebra lesson plan, students explore the formula for the area of squares and rectangles. They use squares to model the formula for the area and identify binomials.
In this algebra worksheet, high schoolers compare integers, translate words to a numerical expression, identify sets of numbers, identify properties, use order of operations, multiply fractions, and solve simple word problems. This 13 page worksheet contains 186 questions. Three of the 13 pages are an answers to all given problems.
In this math worksheet, students find the solutions to the problems that coincide with each Algebra objective. They simplify the expressions.
Show your learners how to regroup algebraic expressions with visual support. The video demonstrates how to take larger groups of items and break them into smaller groups using the distributive property. Similar to factoring, use this video along with the previous video for more visual examples of grouping. Note: This is the sixth video in a series of seven
Looking for answers? This app has a wide range of problem-solving capabilities from simple formulas to complicated conversions and physics problems. 
How do you show that something is a rectangle? This activity starts with four coordinate points and asks young geometers to explain whether they create a rectangle. Knowledge from both geometry and algebra come into play here, as well as, exploring many different approaches to solve this problem; making this a good small group activity. See how many solutions your class can find!
The amount of tax and tip on a restaurant bill is a common example used in percent problems. Here, learners only know the total amount paid, and they need to figure the itemized amounts. Solutions using a ratio table, using knowledge of percents and division, or creating an algebraic expression are all explored. 
Students demonstrate different algebraic equations using Borenson's Hands-On Equation materials. They work in a cooperative group to solve algebraic equations.
Students work in a cooperative group of three to solve algebraic equations with roles assigned for manipulator, recorder, and checker. They utilize hands-on learning materials imbedded in the lesson plan.
Students demonstrate how to solve algebraic equations. For this algebra lesson, students are introduced to combining like terms and practice solving equations on the board. Students complete a worksheet.
For this language arts and math worksheet, students study 30 words in a word bank which pertain to algebra. Students find the words in a word search puzzle. The meaning of the title is unclear.
Represent 10 algebraic equations using algebra tiles using this hands-on activity sheet.  Your class will solve 10 algebraic equations using the algebra tiles.