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Students analyze the sliding of boxes along a warehouse floor. For this algebra lesson, students connect math and physics by calculating the friction created by the sliding of each box. They develop faster method to move the box, based on their data collection on friction.
Interpreting algebraic expressions is a fundamental skill in beginning algebra. This instructional activity approaches the task in numerous ways. First, learners assess their understanding with a short worksheet on converting between words and expressions. They then work in pairs to translate between words, symbols, tables of values, and graphic area representations of expressions. Using card sets to match representations keeps them engaged. All or part of this well-written instructional activity could be used to evaluate, or extend your students' understanding.  
Students research The Nine Chapters on the Mathematical Art and Chinese contributions to mathematics using both print and non-print sources. From their research they create an illustrated table of contents for each chapter of the Nine Chapters and summarize their findings on Chinese contributions in a one-page report. When reports are complete, they practice converting Chinese numbers to decimal numbers.
Begin your next algebra unit with this introductory lesson on variables and algebraic expressions. This plan requires a SMART board and includes a SMART notebook file. The file contains a guiding question and two learning activities that will teach learners to write simple algebraic expressions using a single variable.
The title of this lesson plan should be "Algebraic Expressions Four Ways." Not only will your class be translating verbal descriptions of algebraic expressions to symbols, but also working with their geometric interpretation via area as well as their numerical representation in table form. Work with all four representations or fewer if you choose. This complete lesson plan comes with all necessary handouts as well as a detailed commentary for the teacher.
Students research the Arabic numeral system and Islamic contributions to mathematics using both print and non-print sources. They create posters and write a one-page report. They practice solving Al-Khwarizmi's six standard forms of equations.
Study Islamic achievement in mathematics by exploring the six standard forms of equations. High schoolers will review the six forms of equations of Al-Khwarizmi. They solve equations using different forms. Links and resources are included in the engaging lesson.
In this language of algebra worksheet, 8th graders solve and complete 6 different problems that include using different terminology to illustrate algebraic problems. First, they match the pictures on the right with the correct algebraic expressions. Then, students complete the table by filling in the picture and algebra form for each description given.
In this algebraic equations activity, students solve one-step algebraic equations. This one-page activity contains 15 problems. Answers are provided at the beginning of the activity.
For this algebra homework worksheet, students use the distributive property to solve problems.  They  simplify given algebraic expressions.  Students solve for the unknown.  This one-page worksheet contains 11 problems.  Answers are provided at the top of the page.
For this algebra worksheet, 11th graders work algebraic word problems, solve for the unknown and combine like terms. There are 10 multiple choice questions with an answer key.
In this algebra learning exercise, students problem solve 5 algebraic expressions involving single variables and whole numbers. Students work out their expressions in the workspace provided.
In this word problems worksheet, students solve 20 different word problems that are related to and use algebra. First, they determine the total amount of money spent in one week given the information. Then, students determine the proportion of water in a solution. They also determine the sum of 4 consecutive integers for a given number.
Use this semester review activity to prep for a test or to determine which learners need extra help prior to the end of a unit. They write algebraic expressions to represent a verbal phrase and determine the sequence of numbers. There are 28 problems on this very neat and well-organized page.
In this algebra practice worksheet, students use their math skills to solve 15 equations that require them to add and subtract decimal numbers.
In this algebra practice instructional activity, students use their math skills to solve 15 equations that require them to add and subtract.
For this algebra practice worksheet, students use their math skills to solve 15 equations that require them to add and subtract decimals.
Students use algebra tiles to identify the binomial factors and the graphing calculator to verify the result. In addition, they will identify the x-intercepts and y-intercepts of each trinomial function and explore relationships between the trinomial x2 + bx + c and its factored form (x + m)(x + n).
Third graders play a game in which they practice their early algebra skills. They recall the basic multiplication facts. Students solve simple algebraic equations. They work in groups of four, to start the relay the teacher states: Using the equations numbered 1, a=6.
In this translating algebraic phrases activity, students practice their math skills as they write algebraic expressions for 15 phrases.