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How do algebra learners know the value of an algebraic expression that contains a variable? This video shows your number crunchers how to evaluate an algebraic expression by substituting a given number for the variable. In fact, it models an algebraic expression where the value of the variable changes and demonstrates how this changes the value of the expression. The video is part of a series on reading, writing, and evaluating algebraic expressions.
Show your learners that exponents are important in the order of operations. The video presents a useful method for evaluating an algebraic expression with exponents and attempts to eliminate the common mistake of multiplying the exponent and base. The provided Slides include a guided practice problem, extension problems for more advanced pupils, and a short quiz. The video is part of a series on how to write, read, and evaluate algebraic expressions.
Begin your next algebra unit with this introductory lesson on variables and algebraic expressions. This plan requires a SMART board and includes a SMART notebook file. The file contains a guiding question and two learning activities that will teach learners to write simple algebraic expressions using a single variable.
Numerical expressions contain numbers and mathematical operations. In addition to numerical expressions, algebraic expressions contain not only numbers but also variable(s). Watch this video as the instructor illustrates several examples of each kind of expression.
A resource-rich lesson plan helps you teach how to use variables for solving problems. Collaborative groups sort mathematics phrases into categories, pretend to open a business, and answer questions to find out how useful variables are as place holders when addressing algebraic expressions.
Examine algebra using digital resources! Budding mathematicians will watch Cyberchase episode segments that propose a problem. Using information gathered from the video, they practice recording number patterns in several different ways: two-column tables, line graphs, and simple algebraic equations. Note: Links are included.
Classmates solve 18 different problems that are mostly word problems that apply algebraic expressions. They draw different combinations of masses on a scale that would balance. They also simplify expressions and solve for x in a number of equations. In addition, they write a mathematical expression to describe each situation presented. A link to a math game, colorful graphics, and word problems make this a well-rounded resource.
Students explore the concept of algebraic expressions. In this algebraic expressions lesson, students convert pictures and word problems into algebraic expressions. Students play a game where they tell the algebraic expression represented either by pictures or words.
Write algebraic expressions, determine patterns, and evaluate expressions in a real-world context. Learners engage in a series of collaborative activities to identify, model, and give variables for real-world patterns. They write algebraic expressions to match each situation and use their graphing calculator to find the nth term in a sequence.
Need exponentt practice? Then this exponent worksheet will be helpful to have learners evaluate exponent expressions and algebraic expressions. They use the distributive property to solve equations. This three-page worksheet contains approximately 40 problems. Note: Answers are not included.
In this expressions worksheet, students solve and complete 30 various types of problems that include defining both verbal and algebraic expressions. First, they translate each verbal expression into an algebraic expression and vice verse. Then, students evaluate various expressions and determine the perimeter of a rectangle that has a given length and width.
In this algebraic expressions and equations worksheet, 9th graders solve 12 various types of problems ranging from writing expressions for each written equation to solving 8 different word problems related to cost, speed, age, and seconds. They also evaluate for a and b by the substitution method and simplify each equation.
In this algebra activity, students problem solve 5 algebraic expressions involving single variables and whole numbers. Students work out their expressions in the workspace provided.
How do you write five less than a number as a mathematical expression? Show algebra learners how to read and write algebraic expressions by using variables with this introductory video. The first in a series, the video models how to translate the unknown into a variable and how to recognize clue words that indicate what operation to use. Challenge your class to rewrite algebraic expressions in word form with the extension activity found at the end of the provided Slides.  

New Review Seeing Dots

Your algebra learners interpret algebraic expressions, in order to compare their structures, using a geometric context. They also discern how the two expressions are equivalent and represent a pattern geometrically and algebraically.

New Review Let’s Paint!

Taking several steps and using algebraic expressions, handy crafters calculate how long it will take to paint specified walls of the upstairs office and bedroom. 

New Review Delivery Trucks

Written to assess students' knowledge of interpreting expressions that represent a quantity in terms of its context, this machine-scored task also allows for a good discussion about units guiding the problem solving and solution.
Scholars will solve problems, create patterns, and write algebraic expressions. In addition, they will learn how to represent a number with a variable.
In this learning exercise, young mathematicians translate words into algebraic expressions. They define variables and write expressions for a given phrase. They identify numbers as rational or irrational, simplify expressions, solve basic matrix problems, and review the coordinate system and properties of real numbers. This six-page learning exercise contains 40 problems. It provides a good review of basic algebra concepts.
In this algebraic expression worksheet, students translate a written expression to an algebraic equation. They evaluate given equations, interpret graphs, and simplify a given matrix. This six-page worksheet contains 40 multiple-choice problems.

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