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In this Algebra I/Geometry/Algebra II worksheet, high schoolers solve problems that reflect the types of assessment items found on the Regents Examination for the state of New York.  The seventy-one page document contains a combination of thirty-four multiple choice and free response test items along with samples of student work, rubrics, and subject matter alignment.  Answers are not included. 
Students explore careers that require math knowledge and solve real life math problems. As a class, they compare and contrast classroom math to real life math and explore the links between algebra, geometry and math skills used in school and in a career. In pairs, students complete worksheets. They play a quick response game where they list five ways a given job uses math.
Students assess how algebra, telescopes, space exploration and optics are so important in astronomy. They encounter studies on the Hubble Space Telescope, Hubble Deep Field and how algebra helps to determine the effects of contamination on Hubble's optics. Students are introduced to the development of the Next Generation Space Telescope.
Students explore geometric shapes. In this geometry lesson, students use geoboards to construct various geometric shapes. Students identify quadrilaterals and parallel lines.
Study geometry through the concept of quilt design. High schoolers examine the geometric shapes in various quilts and then create their own quilts using geometric shapes that fit together. In the end, they write a paragraph to describe their quilt pattern.
Students are shown visual how an algebra equation is balanced by using a pan balance. They are shown a variety of overheads to help them explain the concept.
Students practice with algebra equations to determine if they are balanced. They also graph the equations.
Pupils relate miniature golf to reflection of an image. In this algebra lesson, students collect and graph data as they study linear equations. They apply properties of graphing to solve real life scenarios.
Students identify he proportion of a cereal box. In this algebra instructional activity, students define the relationship between patterns, functions and relations. They model their understanding using the cereal box.
Tenth graders investigate reflection and symmetry.  In this geometry lesson, 10th graders explore reflection on a coordinate plane.  Students investigate symmetry of geometric shapes and parabolas.
Students investigate linear equations through models. In this algebra lesson, students investigate solving one and two step equations. Review solving a basic equation before starting this assignment.
Help 9th graders identify lines, points, rays, and planes in geometry. They  practice identifying, measuring, and drawing angles of different degrees. This is a fundamental lesson to help students learn the building blocks of geometry.
Students explore properties of triangles.  In the geometry lesson, students construct the centroid, circumcenter, and the orthocenter of a triangle.  The dynamic nature of Geometer’s Sketchpad allows students to discover important properties regarding Euler’s line.  Additionally the lesson considers a proof of the Pythagorean Theorem and investigation into Fermat’s point. 
Students study the islamic achievement in mathematics In this algebra lesson, students review the six forms of equations of Al-Khwarizmi. They solve equations using different forms.
In this algebraic equations activity, student solve thirty word problems from single variable algebraic equations.  Two of the thirty problems are solved as examples.
Students use geometric principals to design a shape for a Valentine's Day board. In this geometry lesson plan, students bisect a segment, measure lines and angles, and create a shape.
Students use hands-on activities to explore transformations. They view a video segment that demonstrate how M. C. Escher employed geometry and transformations to create so many of his famous drawings.
In this Algebra I worksheet, 9th graders are presented with age word problems which are solved by writing an equation in one variable.  The one page worksheet contains 2 worked examples and sixteen practice problems.  Answers are not included. 
Students discuss what good presentation looks like. In this geometry lesson, students discuss the 7 important steps required to be a good presenter. They start with their names and what they will be discussing and end with a thank you to all who helped with the creation of their work. They may work in groups.
Twelfth graders use Algebra and Geometry to solve a real life problem at the Zoo.

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