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In this algebra/geometry worksheet, students assess their knowledge and understanding of topics presented in an Integrated Algebra course. The twenty-two page worksheet contains a combination of thirty-nine multiple choice and free response problems. Solutions are not provided. 
Do you know the formula needed to determine the area of a rectangular prism? If you don't it's ok, because this video will refresh your memory, then help you use the formula to find the volume of a rectangular prism. Algebra is used to find missing variable, that's what makes it perfect for geometric application when you have missing information.
For this Algebra I/Geometry/Algebra II worksheet, high schoolers solve problems that reflect the types of assessment items found on the Regents Examination for the state of New York.  The seventy-one page document contains a combination of thirty-four multiple choice and free response test items along with samples of student work, rubrics, and subject matter alignment.  Answers are not included. 
In this algebraic equations instructional activity, student solve thirty word problems from single variable algebraic equations.  Two of the thirty problems are solved as examples.
This unit on connecting algebra and geometry covers a number of topics including worksheets on the distance formula, finding the perimeter and area of polynomials, the slope formula, parallel and perpendicular lines, parallelograms, classifying triangles, exterior angle theorem, circles, inductive and deductive reasoning, and conditional statements.  
Twelfth graders use Algebra and Geometry to solve a real life problem at the Zoo.
In this Algebra I activity, 9th graders are presented with age word problems which are solved by writing an equation in one variable.  The one page activity contains 2 worked examples and sixteen practice problems.  Answers are not included. 
In this mathematical related worksheet, students explore and analyze thirteen key terms associated with geometry in a word search puzzle.
Students take a placement test. In this algebra lesson, students take a test to see what math they should take in middle school. They are tested on algebra, geometry, and probability. They use the results to find a good fit for math in middle school.
Work the problem shown in this video to learn how to determine the area of a parallelogram. Basic algebra, area, and the Pythagorean Theorem are used to find the missing value and solve the problem of area.
Geometry learners touch the surface of how a global positioning system works. The end goal is to find the intersections of three different spheres geometrically and algebraically given their algebraic representations.
Students investigate geometric shapes and patterns.  In this geometry lesson, students view aerial views of New York City and Washington, DC and investigate the presence of geometric figures in the cities’ layout   and designs. 
Learners explore careers that require math knowledge and solve real life math problems. As a class, they compare and contrast classroom math to real life math and explore the links between algebra, geometry and math skills used in school and in a career. In pairs, students complete worksheets. They play a quick response game where they list five ways a given job uses math.
Introduce learners to the concept of Boolean Algebra. In groups, they are given real life situations in statements and make conclusions. They will use the statements to form compound statements. To end the lesson, they use the compound statements to develop their own truth statements.
In this integrated algebra worksheet, high schoolers answer 39 questions in preparation for the Regents High School Examination.  Students solve problems about various topics in algebra and algebra II including quadratics, systems of equations, circles, etc.
Young scholars combine geometry construction skills with language arts and artistic ability.
Learners play with origami. In this geometry skills activity, students use Internet sources to explore origami. Learners apply geometry skills to create origami figures.
In this systems of geometry worksheet, 10th graders solve and complete 9 various types of problems. First, they write and solve an equation to find the value of each variable. Then, students write the steps of the solution on the blanks provided. They also complete each proof.
Students explore area and perimeter through coordinate geometry using student literature, hands-on manipulatives, and the Internet.
In this integrated algebra worksheet, students solve problems involving system of equations, quadratic equations, inequalities, surface area, and radicals.  This 28-page worksheet contains 39 multi-step problems.

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