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In this jobs worksheet, students find jobs that begin with the first letter of the alphabet.
Young scholars create an ABC Book of Endangered Animals that includes locator maps, "fast facts," and explanations about why those animals are endangered.
Students repeat letters, sounds and words as the teacher holds up letter cards. In this phonics lesson plan, students practice 3-4 letters, continuing in this manner with selected letters.
Students locate shapes that resemble letters of the alphabet in order to develop critical-thinking, observation, and literacy skills. In this letter identification activity, students work in small groups to search the classroom for shapes that resemble letters of the alphabet. As a class, students share their findings and record their observations on a chart paper.
Students practice the corresponding phonemes associated with the letter and sound symbol to T. They identify the letter, write it and also identify pictures that display it's beginning sound. Students also interact with the book, "ABC's," by Dr. Seuss.
Elementary learners create an ABC grammar book. The project begins with class members taking digital pictures of items that begin with each letter of the alphabet. Depending on level, they then add a word or a complete sentence to accompany each pictured letter. After highlighting the words in the sentence that begin with this letter, the parts of speech are noted below the sentence. The pages are combined into a book and featured in a class slide show.
Young scholars are told that they are going to read and write words that end with a blend. They use letter sound cards as a visual aid to spell or transfer the word to paper. Students use words with a blend at the beginning of the word. They use words with a blend at both the beginning and end of the word.
In this ABC song worksheet, students watch the video and fill in the blanks for the song that contains each letter of the alphabet. Students complete 26 blanks in the song and complete sentences about the song.
Seventh graders research the geography of a country in the Eastern Hemisphere. Using one fact for each letter of the alphabet, they explain it on one page. They also include an illustration of the fact and write an explanation. They share their book with the class.
In this Language Arts worksheet, students find 26 words or expressions from the novel Number the Stars. Each word or expression must begin with a different letter of the alphabet.
Young scholars research famous African Americans and create Web pages about them using Microsoft FrontPage. A page be created for each letter of the alphabet, describing the contributions of an African American whose last name begins with that letter.
In the alphabet activity, students cut out the large alphabet flash cards. There are 2 flash cards on each page and they have words and pictures that use the letter sounds.
Here is an inventive and engaging hands-on activity that should help your emerging readers learn the names and shapes of the letters of the alphabet. Youngsters use clothespins that have the lower-case letters written on them to match up with the upper-case letters printed on an alphabet wheel. Additionally, they use the clothespins to match up the letter with pictures that use the letter's sound. I really like this activity, and I believe it would be a great addition to your lessons on literacy.
Students watch a teacher demonstration of how to access an Internet site that is bookmarked on their computers. They access the site and demonstrate mouse skills to connect the letters of the alphabet in sequential order. They make a picture as they connect the letters, which they print out.
Students research the Internet to find letters of the alphabet. For this picture book lesson, students locate each one of the letters of the alphabet and cut out the letter in order to create a picture book on their computer. Students utilize an image of an object that starts with the first letter that is on the page.
Students create a slide presentation that contains text, images, sounds, and navigation buttons. They explore PowerPoint and use the different tools and basic slide-creation options.
Capital letters are the star of the show in a wonderful language arts lesson. After a teacher-led demonstration and discussion on capital letters, groups of pupils get together and work on the computer to fix the flashing letters that should be capitalized. There is an online activity embedded in the plan, a printable worksheet that can be used as a homework assignment, and some terrific extension activities as well. A great lesson for the young ones!
Is your Kindergarten class about to read the book, Chicka-Chicka-Boom-Boom? If they are, and you want a few wonderful activity ideas to reinforce phonemic awareness and letter identification skills, look no further. Here you'll find over ten great ideas that relate to the book and include singing, call and response, role-play, crafts, and kinesthetic activities. One great book, and now you have a ton of great ideas to make learning the alphabet super fun.
A very important technique for emerging readers to master is how a silent /e/ at the end of a word often makes the short vowel sound in the word into a long vowel sound. After a teacher-led demonstration of how this technique works, pupils get onto a computer and access a website, embedded in the plan, in order to play a learning game that gives them lots of practice using the silent /e/. This looks to be a very good instructional activity for kindergarten through second grade readers.
Here is a terrific lesson on identifying the letters of the alphabet designed for emerging readers. In it, pupils match letter cards to an alphabet border. Taking turns, one pupil selects a card, holds it up, and says the name of the letter. His partner must match the correct letter card to the letter on the alphabet border. Attached worksheets include the alphabet border, and the alphabet cards themselves. Implementation of this fine plan should be a breeze!

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