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Students utilize the computer to create, save, open and print a file called, ABCs. For each letter of the alphabet, students create a capital, a lowercase, insert a picture that begins with the letter, and press the spacebar for the rest of the ABCs.
Students explore the alphabet by completing a computer activity. In this letter identification lesson, students utilize Kid Pix to create artwork based upon each letter of the alphabet. Students utilize drawings, type and animation to create alphabet pages on their computers.
Students practice sound and recognition of letters in alphabetical sequence. They gain an understanding of letter sounds and order. They create a slide show with graphics and text. They present their slide show to the class.
Students organize lists of words alphabetically. Then they write and rewrite words using correct spellings. Students also identify and color-code key letters in words as they compare and arrange words into an alphabetical list. Finally, they write over each letter of the alphabet with an over color as you find words beginning with that initial letter.
Students play a musical Alphabet game after listening to the book "Alphabet Letters" by Rolando Merino in this Language Arts lesson for early-elementary classrooms. The lesson includes an idea on how to evaluate student comprehension.
Pupils practice producing words that begin with a particular letter.  In this phonics lesson, students play a game in which they must produce a word starting with a particular letter.  Pupils catch a bean bag to know when it is their turn. 
Students practice writing letters of the alphabet and explore how decorated letters can be used to convey stories or symbolic ideas. They create an "illuminated" alphabet in which each letter conveys concepts of home and family.
Students write letters of the alphabet and explore how decorated letters can be used to convey stories or symbolic ideas. For this decorating alphabet lesson, students create an “illuminated” alphabet in which each letter conveys concepts of home and family.
Students act out words that start with each letter of the alphabet. For this alphabet lesson plan, students look at cards with words and act it out for the class and the class guesses the word based on the letter they know it starts with.
Pupils explore corresponding letters of the alphabet with the corresponding phonemes using farm animals. They create a classroom word wall of the items they saw on a trip to the farm or zoo. Students create pictures to go along with the words and they play a matching game with the pictures and words.
Have your young writers practice forming all 26 letters in the alphabet. They'll practice uppercase and lowercase letters. Steps are provided for each letter!
Third graders complete a worksheet. In this food words lesson, 3rd graders view the word food, picture their favorite foods and complete a rhyme by adding their favorite foods. Students complete a worksheet where they think of a food that starts with each letter of the alphabet.
Students explore phonics by participating in a word sound activity. For this word play lesson, students utilize a "Connect 4" style board to complete a letter connecting activity. Students win the game by connecting four letters in a row that create a word and sounding it out properly.
Students identify words that begin with a given sound. In this language arts lesson, students play a game of I Spy and identify objects around the room that begin with the given sound.
Youngsters create personalized place mats as they learn about initial sounds. Using construction paper, they stamp their names using letter stamps. You could substitute this with printing their names depending on your objective. Scholars examine print resources (magazines, graphics, newspapers, etc.) and cut out pictures with the same initial sound as their name, gluing them to the place mat. Extend this by challenging kids to find images with the same final sound.
Students are given flash cards with pictures. The teacher calls out a particular sound and if they have the sound, they put their card into a chart.
Students research the Internet to find letters of the alphabet. In this picture book lesson, students locate each one of the letters of the alphabet and cut out the letter in order to create a picture book on their computer. Students utilize an image of an object that starts with the first letter that is on the page.
In this language arts worksheet, students sort all the letters of the alphabet into a pile. Then they select all of the capital letters and write the lowercase letters next to each. Students also fill in the missing letters of a chart.
Young scholars develop a class alphabet book. In this visual arts lesson, they draw a letter of the alphabet that is illustrated with animals or objects in the style of medieval illuminated alphabet books. They write a sentence about an object that begins with their assigned letters using good writing skills.
Students discover missing letters of the alphabet. For this letter recognition lesson, students identify the missing letters in a short alphabet sequence. Students complete a worksheet as an assessment.

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