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Students investigate the concept of the Civil War while conducting research using a variety of resources. The information is used to create a source for a class project. They create a class newspaper that becomes a summary of some significant event of the war.
Study and research the American Civil War in this explanatory writing lesson. Middle schoolers complete six activities to learn about the American Civil War and soldiers' views of the war. The lesson includes several options to complete the activities, such as PowerPoint, Venn diagram, and several biographical stories. Use this lesson to begin an informative writing assignment or  to reinforce research procedures.
Students examine historically significant people of the Civil War. They conduct Internet research on a selected Civil War person, and create a Powerpoint presentation that contains facts and pictures to present to the class.
Students examine role of Naval blockades in Union war strategy, and analyze primary source image "On Deck of a Union Warship" and make detailed observation about people and activities shown.
Young scholars fill out a KWL worksheet and answer short answer questions about the Civil War. In this Civil War lesson plans, students find the answers to their questions by researching the Internet.
In this American Civil War worksheet, students respond to 40 short answer questions about the war. Some of the questions require them to conduct independent research to answer.
What caused the American Civil War? Who were the major figures during this time? Focusing specifically on slavery and the attack on Fort Sumter, this resource provides a quick overview of some of the conflicts faced at this time.
The American Civil War tore the country in two. What made tension grow between the North and the South? How did the war finally begin? What artillery was used? Answer some of these basic questions using this resource. Consider choosing a particular clip from this video instead of playing the full version, as the format isn't particularly engaging.
This is an excellent resource for teachers to use for incorporating the motion picture Glory into the classroom! Breaking down the film into particular noteworthy and telling scenes, the guide offers important considerations for each scene and the chance to facilitate discussion in your class with thought-provoking questions. 
Young scholars are be able to analyze primary sources (Civil War images) for examples of how soldiers are portrayed historically. They discuss what a hero is and why some individuals are heroes to certain groups while others are not.
Fifth graders describe three similarities and three differences between the American Revolutionary War and the American Civil War. They play a game comparing the two wars.
In this American history instructional activity, students learn about the American Civil War. They first read a 2 page explanation of the war and events that took place. Students then answer 9 questions pertaining to the information they just read. The answers are on the last page.
Pupils research the role of women in the Civil War. For this Civil War unit, students research the role women played during the war. This unit includes eight different activities including vocabulary, writing prompts and a literature connection.
Students write 2 letters from a woman who may have lived during the Civil War and 2 letters from her relative which include factual information that they have research using the Internet and other resources, along with other activities.
Fourth graders examine the major events of the Civil War. In this American Civil War lesson, 4th graders investigate multimedia sources in order to examine the events of the war that occurred in Virginia. Links are provided to Library of Congress primary sources as well as other files and documents.
Learners follow an overview of the American Civil War from a film, the text and/or teacher direct instruction. They create a timeline with a large map of the U.S. in the 1860's available for student reference as they do the spider activity.
Sixth graders examine community support during the Civil War. In this American Civil War lesson, 6th graders investigate multimedia sources in order to examine the impact of the war. Links are provided to Library of Congress primary sources as well as other files and documents.
A quiet, serene town in Pennsylvania became the setting for an integral battle in the Civil War. The Battle of Gettysburg, Lee's second invasion of the North, failed to secure ground for the Confederacy. This video, part two in a series, details the battles between the North and the South.
Young scholars examine the happenings at the Battle of Antietam from all sides. In this American Civil War lesson, students analyze newspapers accounts from different perspectives regarding the battle and then write their own accounts of the battle from Northern and Southern perspectives.
Students determine what it was like to serve as an Irish-American in the American Civil War. In this Irish folk song lesson, students use the provided worksheets to analyze selected Irish folk songs and make inferences about war conditions for the soldiers who sang them.