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Students study the Civil War era in the US with a concentration on women during this time through literature and biographies. They create a timeline or multimedia presentation as one product of this series of lessons.
Eighth graders examine the Civil War. In this Civil War lesson plan, 8th graders analyze various images about the Civil War. Students write an essay in relation to the images of the Civil War.
Fourth graders examine both perspectives of the Civil War as related to the differing economies. In this nation divided lesson, 4th graders view primary sources, examine paper money and a political chart, and review recruitment posters. 
Young scholars research the role of women in the Civil War. In this Civil War unit, students research the role women played during the war. This unit includes eight different activities including vocabulary, writing prompts and a literature connection.
Learners examine diaries and letters written during the Civil War. They write a small journal entry or letter from the perspective of someone in the Civil War.
Fourth graders examine Civil War photographs. In this historical perspectives lesson, 4th graders analyze primary sources available from the Library of Congress featuring the Civil War and determine whether their origin was from the North or South. Students write reaction papers based on their findings.
Study and research the American Civil War in this explanatory writing lesson. Middle schoolers complete six activities to learn about the American Civil War and soldiers' views of the war. The lesson includes several options to complete the activities, such as PowerPoint, Venn diagram, and several biographical stories. Use this lesson to begin an informative writing assignment or  to reinforce research procedures.
Students fill out a KWL worksheet and answer short answer questions about the Civil War. In this Civil War lesson plans, students find the answers to their questions by researching the Internet.
Fifth graders listen to and discuss the music of the Civil War Era in order to better explain society during this time period. They identify the musical instruments and write their own word to accompany the music of one of the songs.
Students explore photographs from the Civil War Era. In this Civil War lesson, students consider how photography impacted public opinion of the war as they analyze the provided photographs and discuss the evolution of early photography.
This is an excellent resource for teachers to use for incorporating the motion picture Glory into the classroom! Breaking down the film into particular noteworthy and telling scenes, the guide offers important considerations for each scene and the chance to facilitate discussion in your class with thought-provoking questions. 
Learners analyze photographs and texts using primary source analysis. In this primary source lesson students determine whether the photographs and text are truthful.
Fifth graders examine excerpts from a diary of a Confederate soldier and his experiences in a Union prison camp. After receiving character cards, they write diary entries from the perspectives of their Civil War identity. As an extension, 5th graders may create scripts for a Reader's Theater presentation.
Pupils research information on the causes of the Civil War. They rank their top three reasons and individuals responsible for the war and then use that information to write a position paper.
Students examine the Civil War. In this war time culture lesson, students compare the effects of war on individual soldiers during the Civil War. Students examine a primary source, images of Union troops at Manassas, Virginia, and a PowerPoint.
Fifth graders describe three similarities and three differences between the American Revolutionary War and the American Civil War. They play a game comparing the two wars.
In this American history worksheet, students learn about the American Civil War. They first read a 2 page explanation of the war and events that took place. Students then answer 9 questions pertaining to the information they just read. The answers are on the last page.
Now here is a very good presentation on the American Civil War, that you shouldn't pass up. Rich in text and images, the presentation covers all the bases. All of the major battles, key people, policies, and even a section describing the role women and African-Americans played during the war are discussed.
Pupils explore the Civil War. In this American History lesson, students use guiding questions and primary resources to better comprehend the events of the Civil War. This lesson actually includes 3 complete lessons that cover, North v. South, Battles of the Civil War, and Lincoln's wartime politics.
Learn more about the Civil War. Young scholars will choose a novel based on the Civil War to learn more about the viewpoints of that time period. They will then discuss the roles of the members of a Literature Circle and then participate in various discussion and writing activities following the novel they choose. Book title suggestions and handouts are included in this activity.