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Sixth graders use both web and print resources to collect data on daily life in ancient Egypt. They use this data to write a script for an Ancient Egypt Talk Show which will be posted as a podcast. Note: This lesson is the culmination project that incorporates skills from an entire unit. It includes a full procedural schedule, examples, web links, and all related pdf files.
Students discover details about ancient Egyptian funerals. In this ancient Egypt lesson, students compare and contrast modern funeral rites to those practiced by ancient Egyptians. Teachers may also access the suggested print and online sources to extend the lesson.
From pharaohs and pyramids to the mummification process, this packet is a fantastic resource for studying ancient Egypt! Worksheets not only review key terms and practices that are foundational to ancient Egyptian culture, such as religious beliefs, writing, architecture, etc., but also include a range of engaging, interactive activities.
Seventh graders examine ancient Egypt. In this ancient history instructional activity, 7th graders collaborate to research advancements made during the 25th and 30th centuries. Students create presentations regarding their research findings.
Learners research Ancient Egypt using a specific letter of the alphabet as a guide. In this Ancient Egypt lesson, students independently research their assigned topic using ProQuest or other research software. Once learners have identified information, they write their research in preparation for compilation of a class Ancient Egypt ABC booklet.
Students explore ancient Egypt.  For this world history Egypt lesson, students view a PowerPoint presentation depicting people and geographical landmarks of ancient Egypt.  Students contribute information about the pictures based on prior knowledge, and the first portion of a KWL chart is completed.
Students research the computers for facts on Ancient Egypt and have knowledge on primary and secondary sources. In this Ancient Egypt lesson plan, students research Gods, Pharaohs, pyramids, temples, trades, and more.
Learners explore websites about ancient Egypt to translate their names into hieroglyphs and then use that translation to create a clay cartouche of their name.
In this Ancient Egypt learning exercise, students read a 2 page article on Ancient Egypt, answer 3 statements as true or false and choose which multiple choice answers best answers 3 questions/statements.
Students study the art of Ancient Egypt from the Boston Museum and complete several activities to analyze the art and its content. In this art analysis lesson, students read background information about Ancient Egypt art and the description of Mummy Cartonnage of a Woman and the Head and Chest from a Sarcophagus. Students use questions to help them view the pieces and compare them. Students compare 4 activities to learn more about the art pieces and their history.
Second graders, in groups, research ancient Egypt and present a report in fron to fhte rest of the class. They participate in a Jeopardy game format to assess comprehension.
Sixth graders explore the history of ancient Egypt. They select a topic, conduct Internet research, write a three-page report, and create a Powerpoint presentation to present their research information to the class.
Students brainstorm prior knowledge of Ancient Egypt, locate Egypt on map of Africa and on world map, watch King Tut film, discuss term biography, and map geographical information mentioned in stories and documentaries about Ancient Egypt.
Students explore Ancient Egypt by learning about the after life, observing and discussing pictures of mummies, making jewelry, and more. In this Ancient Egypt lesson plan, students complete these activities in class and at a museum.
In this reading for information learning exercise, students read an article about medical practices in ancient Egypt. Students answer 4 multiple choice questions about the passage.
Second graders identify the major contributions of ancient Egypt, including architectural monuments, e.g. the pyramids and Sphinx. They study the function of the pyramids as tombs for the Pharaohs.
In this ancient Egypt worksheet, students read about bartering in the marketplace. Students find the value of 4 items and draw the things you could barter them for.
Imagine Ancient Egypt at your finger tips! Cleopatra, Tutankhamen, Ramses II. The Great Pyramid at Gaza, Luxor, the Valley of the Kings. Explore them all through pictures, videos, games, and encyclopedia-style articles.
In this time line for ancient Egypt activity, 7th graders research the websites listed to create a time line about ancient Egypt with 20 events noted and images inserted.
In this understanding mummification worksheet, students research the noted Internet link in order to respond to 10 short answer questions regarding the mummies of ancient Egypt.