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For this boy scout merit badge:  animal science worksheet, 8th graders research the topic using the websites listed, then answer 7 detailed questions about livestock breeds, diseases, anatomy, breeding, management, and careers, as well as performing specific activities.
An abridged outline of animal science is posted within these slides. First, the question of what animal science consists of is addressed. Domestication of animals is visited, the myriad of uses of animals is listed, and a concluding slide asks what the future of animal science might include. Consider using these simply as a discussion or lecture guide when introducing a career class to animal science, or at the beginning of an agriculture course.
This animal science PowerPoint addresses the living needs that animals have. The slideshow is an interactive race car track, with the object being to be the first student to move around the track. This is done by answering each life science question correctly. This is a fantastic review of an animal science unit.
This animal science PowerPoint enables students to review the characteristics of various animals. This is an interactive review game with a mock raceway that the students must race around. Each correct answer brings them closer to the finish line.
Students discover information about animal eggs by reading the book, An Egg is Quiet.  For this animal science lesson, students research different animals to find out what their eggs look like.  Students use a provided chart to guide their findings. 
In this 4-H animal science learning exercise, students will complete several activities about companion animals. Students will learn about feline feelings, dog breeds and their different groups, rabbit vocabulary and ideas for service projects related to companion animals.
In this 4-H animal science worksheet, students will work with their parents and leaders to create goat project plan of what they want to learn in the year. Students will keep track of their goat related activities and complete a word search using the various names for a goat's body parts.
In this 4-H animal science worksheet, students will work with their parents and leaders to plan and implement a goat-raising project. Students can get information about goats and keep track of their progress on this worksheet.
This animal science PowerPoint engages students in a review game about animals. This interactive game is in a "Jeopardy" style format and allows students to review facts about mammals, birds and other animals.
Students complete activities to learn about animal characteristics. In this animal science lesson, students watch a PowerPoint about animals and then discuss similarities and differences between animals. Students complete a Venn Diagram about animal pairs.
Students discover how environmental factors impact the survival of a population. In this landscape design lesson, students create a new animal and discuss the relationship between the animal and its environment before creating a habitat for their animal.
In this animal science worksheet, students complete a concept map on the features of animals. They fill in 12 blanks with the correct words from the list.
Students classify dog breeds. In this animal science lesson, students research various breeds of dogs on the Internet and classify breeds into small, medium, and large breeds. Students illustrate their classification notes with pictures.
For this animal science worksheet, students use the letters in the phrase "sea horses" and write words using the letters. Students then color the picture of sea horses.
In this animal science worksheet, students research animal gestation. Students define gestation, which animal has the longest gestation period, and which animal has the shortest gestation period.
For this logic puzzle, students solve a problem in which they figure out which of 3 students like which of 3 classes, based on the clues given. As students read the clues, they mark the labeled chart and figure out the answer.
Pupils participate in class discussion about the movie Arachnophobia. In this biology lesson plan, students find articles and photos of a species that interest them. They share it with their group.
Learners research an animal. In this research lesson, students utilize various types of technology to gather information about an animal. Learners create a class blog and use digital photography for their research.
The methods by which farming and agriculture became a valid area of study and research are detailed in this PowerPoint. Also presented are the steps involved for improving productivity and efficiency.  The use of scientific method and modern technology to develop immunizations is also covered.
In this birds worksheet, students answer 25 short answer questions about birds. They color and label the different parts of a bird and fill in the correct term given the definitions.