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Here's a comprehensive, information packet for your grammarians learning how to use apostrophes. The first two pages detail the use of the apostrophe (along with examples and clear explanation), while the last two pages contain a homework section to assess learners. Four exercises are provided that require learners to add necessary apostrophes. Then, to finish the review, they write a paragraph using several words that contain apostrophes. 
For this apostrophe worksheet, learners are given twenty unpunctuated sentences containing apostrophes. Students must punctuate the sentences correctly.
Look at ownership (possession) with Yossarian the Grammarian regarding apostrophes. Singular and plural nouns are covered.
Here is a well-designed presentation on apostrophes and their many uses. The apostrophe is used in many different ways, and this PowerPoint does a great job of showing how it's used. There is a nice interactive component built in, and each of the slides gives learners ample opportunity to practice using apostrophes correctly. Very good!
In this punctuation activity worksheet, 5th graders read the sentences and place apostrophes into the sentences or words that lack them. Students solve twelve sentences with the apostrophe activity.
In this apostrophe worksheet, 5th graders read the sentences and place apostrophe marks into the correct place in the sentence or word. Students complete twelve sentences with the apostrophe activity.
In this apostrophe activity, students read the sentences and then place apostrophes into the words that require apostrophes in order to be spelled correctly. Students complete 12 sentences.
In this punctuation worksheet, students practice using apostrophes as they combine the given words and use the apostrophe instructions for each word.
Clear up the confusion that comes with the question, do I use a comma or a semicolon? This presentation provides examples and reasons for using particular end marks, apostrophes, commas, or semicolons. Information is presented in a well organized and visually interesting way, great for elementary or ESL students.
In this trivia quiz, the information focuses on the usage of apostrophes.  Students respond to 10 multiple choice questions and submit answers electronically via this interactive website.
In this apostrophe use worksheet, students read the two primary functions of apostrophes: to show possession and to show the omission of letters. They complete 24 examples in which they apply the rules for both uses.
In this apostrophes learning exercise, students complete sentences by using apostrophes to show possession. Students complete 20 sentences total.
Teach youngsters about the apostrophe with this writing process practice learning exercise. Learners read five sentences and add in apostrophes to indicate ownership, writing the correctly punctuated words on the lines below each sentence. This resource also includes a home activity, if you choose to use it.
Here is some very good, interactive practice for your class regarding when they should, and should not, use apostrophes. Clear examples are given, and learners have ample opportunities to practice the skill. Instant feedback is given for their answers. Good stuff!
Send your pupils on a hunt for the missing apostrophes! There are more than 20 missing from the paragraph, and it is the job of your class members to find at least 20. The paragraph includes various situations in which apostrophes are necessary, such as possession and contractions. Hand out colored pens or markers so that it's extra easy to see where apostrophes have been added in.
Students examine the use of apostrophes. From a given reading, students locate all words with apostrophes. Using these words as examples, students discuss rules for using apostrophes. Students match a person an an object from a list to create possessive apostrophes.
In these apostrophe worksheets, students practice the rules and uses of apostrophes in a variety of exercises to advance their punctuation skills.
Apostrophes are a widely-used punctuation mark. This presentation shows pupils the two main reasons for using apostrophes, then has them test their knowledge by working with examples. Although short, this PowerPoint is packed with lots of valuable information.
In this grammar instructional activity, students underline each word in a paragraph that should have an apostrophe and rewrite the word below, using apostrophes where they are needed.
In this grammar activity, students add an apostrophe wherever necessary in two paragraphs. Students check their answers when completed.

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