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Imagine a reading app that is appropriate for all subject areas and all grade levels! Here it is. You select any text available in a digital format and add it to your digital library. You can then provide annotation, access related books and articles, and design, assign, and check on student work.
Swing into technology with these special education apps that are perfect for your learners.
Make math fun with a great pattern-matching app. Learners decipher patterns in the crackers, and then add and multiply the numbers to find a sum or product. A fast-paced game that challenges even your most confident mathematicians!
A look at several effective programs you can use to enhance your curriculum.
Interested in iPhones, museums, and people? Corina works for a start-up company that makes apps for museums. She tells us the basics of her marketing position.
This app provides an entertaining way to practice math skills. It is the first app in a series, which ranges from first to fifth grade.
Keep your second graders entertained while they practice math skills. This app is the second in the series, which ranges from first to fifth grade.
Blast-off in the math practice space ship where central command contains a large selection of fourth grade problems. This app provides a wide variety of problems to keep any fourth grader occupied for a long while. 
Quick, how many miles in a light-year? Or, how many light-years in a mile? Or, what is the current exchange rate between the US dollar and the Japanese yen? If you need to do a quick conversion between units, then this app maybe just the one for you or your classroom.
Access an easy-to-navigate library of early reader books, ready for reading or editing. Or, choose to use the app as a scaffolded writing experience for easy entry into narrative composition with ample room for illustration. 
Looking for a new way to present material and create an engaging and interactive classroom? This presentation app allows a teacher to introduce material in a way that focuses the listener by having him/her contribute ideas and answer questions throughout a presentation.
Students create a classical music piece using an electronic instrument app on an iPhone or iPod. In this music lesson plan, students share their performance with the class.
Looking for an easy way to encourage youngsters to write about a variety of different topics? Users simply choose an image to write about from a large selection of beautiful photographs and then compose original opinion pieces and narratives.
Listening to stories is not only enjoyable, it also helps children develop vocabulary and background knowledge, understand how to use intonation and emphasis, and strengthen their reading fluency. Play your students a selection of thousands of available audio books in different genres to improve their moods and their minds.
If you have been searching for an app about fractions, you might yell out "Eureka!" when you see this app. This comprehensive app covers a large number topics, all well organized with great graphics, and multiple opportunities for learning and demonstrating understanding. 
Sometimes the simplest ideas can be the most challenging to solve! In this app, you are given five numbers and a set of operators, and you need to create an expression that when evaluated using the order of operations simplifies as the target number. Sounds easy, doesn't it?  
Mastering basic sight words is one of the first steps your pupils can take toward learning how to read. Promote reading fluency by practicing basic sight words with the interactive activities included here. Kids will enjoy the bright color scheme and simple functions of the app.
Your mathematicians practice order of operations. When they solve a problem, the answer tells them how many steps to take. You indicate which compass direction to go and they pace their way to find hidden historic artifacts. It's a cross-curricular instructional activity disguised as pure fun! Engaging for your kinesthetic learners, and a great way to take class outside on a nice day. Includes a link to TeacherTube's "Order of Operations" rap video and clear directions for using a couple of handy apps, though the instructional activity could be completed without any electronics at all. Also links to a printable PEMDAS poster or handout. You need to provide the order of operations problems and the historical treasures for class members to find.
If you are a physical education teacher, take some time and get to know the self-proclaimed PE geek. From blog and podcast to app, Jarrod Robinson provides users with information on the latest technological trends in the world of physical education. 
If you are following a Common-Core-based math curriculum, then this app is for you. By arranging topics based on a sequential learning pathway, this app helps to answer questions such as: 
  • When does the Common Core first address parameter and area?
  • What experience with linear equations can I expect my incoming Algebra 1 students to have? 

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