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Quick, how many miles in a light-year? Or, how many light-years in a mile? Or, what is the current exchange rate between the US dollar and the Japanese yen? If you need to do a quick conversion between units, then this app maybe just the one for you or your classroom.
Access an easy-to-navigate library of early reader books, ready for reading or editing. Or, choose to use the app as a scaffolded writing experience for easy entry into narrative composition with ample room for illustration. 
Swing into technology with these special education apps that are perfect for your learners.
Imagine a reading app that is appropriate for all subject areas and all grade levels! Here it is. You select any text available in a digital format and add it to your digital library. You can then provide annotation, access related books and articles, and design, assign, and check on student work.
This multi-featured app continues the series of underwater math adventures. It is the third app in the series, which runs from first to fifth grade.
This app provides an entertaining way to practice math skills. It is the first app in a series, which ranges from first to fifth grade.
Blast off on another adventure with this math practice app. It features a wide array of 5th grade level math worksheets to keep young math astronauts engaged for many hours. 
Keep your second graders entertained while they practice math skills. This app is the second in the series, which ranges from first to fifth grade.
Blast-off in the math practice space ship where central command contains a large selection of fourth grade problems. This app provides a wide variety of problems to keep any fourth grader occupied for a long while. 
Digging up a more valuable geology app than this one would be hard to do! This app introduces junior geologists to rocks, minerals, soil, and fossils with informational text, photographs, and videos. Check it out, but don't take it for granite! 
We are not exactly sure what a Squeeble is, but apparently they love cake and fractions, and your little bakers-turned-mathematicians will also. This app focuses on the basics of fractions including modeling fractions, equivalent fractions, comparing fractions, and simple fraction addition. 
You know you have stumbled on something interesting when you launch this app. You are suddenly taken into a world of mystery and intrigue, and of course, math-skills practice.
When it comes to rating educational calculators, this calculator is always near the top of this list. Now it's available as an app. There is a lot of calculator power wrapped up in this app. Not only is this a fully functioning calculator, it is also a computer algebra system (CAS). 
Make math fun with a great pattern-matching app. Learners decipher patterns in the crackers, and then add and multiply the numbers to find a sum or product. A fast-paced game that challenges even your most confident mathematicians!
Here is a great app that has tons of potential in helping your child or student with severe to moderate autism, or other intellectual disability, learn words and concepts using research-based methods. Children with autism or PDD NOS have been known to respond well to repetitive or predictable stimuli such as that seen in ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis). This app uses classical conditioning by way of conditional stimulus and conditioned responses to support vocabulary and language development.  
Searching for an incredibly thorough Latin app? Look no further! Latin learners will be quite satisfied with the collection of texts, three dictionaries, customizable flashcards, assessment options, and other features that are right at their fingertips. 
Whether you are looking to change your weight, monitor your eating and exercise habits, or just looking to count calories, easily gain control of your personal fitness goals (or have your health or PE class do so) with a fun and user-friendly app.
Write, draw, and have a rip-roaring good time all at once! Users of this app can create original stories and artwork, use story templates and stickers to help them along, and publish their work physically or digitally. The only question left here, is: Who wouldn't want to compose and illustrate a story with this app?
Only a little kid would so naturally associate colorful buttons and squirmy bugs together, as this app does. Here is a collection of different educational activities that will reinforce key preschool and kindergarten concepts. 
Piano practice has never been so fun! Cleverly scaffolded piano practice sessions lead to performances, all of which earn the player points. The app has a digital keyboard for playing when you're on the go, or enable the acoustic piano feature and the game will interact with your live instrument. Chock-full of funny-looking characters and gamified incentives, you don't need to read too far between the musical lines to see that there's a walloping amount of learning going on.

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