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Use political cartoons for a multiple-perspectives strategy, as pupils learn about the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. After an anticipatory discussion, they are split into 2 groups. The class reads a primary source account (linked), and then creates political cartoons. Consider having smaller groups work together on the cartoons (rubric included). Also, this might work better if half the groups do the Serbian perspective and half do Austrian, all at once.
Students understand how and why the assassination of Franz Ferdinand and his wife took place. They will study how after the assassination, alliances caused much of Europe to be drawn into war.
Eleventh graders examine the global consequences of nineteenth-century imperialism and the causes of World War I. They listen to a teacher-led lecture about Archduke Franz Ferdinand, imperialism, militarism, nationalism, and alliances. Students take notes and participate in a discussion.
In this assassination study guide worksheet, students discover the background and significant details of this event in world history. Students read 5 sections of information and examine photographs. Students respond to 1 of 3 questions that require them to write a newspaper story regarding the incident.
In this Franz Ferdinand worksheet, students complete an 8 word crossword puzzle, using clues given about the assassination of Franz Ferdinand.
In this World War II activity, students study the 2 pictures related to the assassination of Franz Ferdinand. Students write facts and information about the assassination.
Ninth graders identify and explain the six major causes of World War I. They explore the events leading up to WWI, the assassination of Franz Ferdinand and why they were the culmination of everything. Students discuss the characteristics of a "just war," if they believe there is such a thing, and relate them to WWI.
What led to the great war of 1914? Outline the militaristic, nationalistic, crisis, and key players that caused World War I. Franz Ferdinand, The Schlieffen Plan, and the alliances that bound the world are all covered. 
In this online interactive history quiz worksheet, students respond to 8 matching questions about important World War I dates. Students may submit their answers to be scored.
In this causes of World War I worksheet, students learn the long term and short term causes that led the world into war. After they've examined the lesson thoroughly, students write an essay over the topic.
Students encounter a unique way to design their own personal CD covers. Students research on how others have designed similar covers. Students produce an original CD cover. Students correlate various singers to their CD covers.
Students explore possible causes and events leading up to World War I. In groups, they chart sources of tension between countries, and discuss the murder of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. Students create a timeline of events and debate who is to blame for starting the war.
In this Sarajevo Police Department worksheet, students assume the identity of the driver of Archduke Franz Ferdinand's car and must provide a detailed account of his assassination to the police in a written statement.
Students determine that there are many causes of war. They explain that it is hard to remain isolated from world events and review the connection between industrialism and imperialism. They discuss what the consequences might be of becoming a world power along with expanding trade with other nations.
Set to music from the time, this clip shows actual footage taken prior to and during WWI. From the funeral procession for Franz Ferdinand, to the mobilization of troops, this video is sure to give your class an idea of life in 1914-1919. Use this as a comparative primary source document for learners to analyze.
Students role-play as diplomats from countries involved in World War I who have received telegrams stating they must prepare presentations on their country's position about the war. They have 45 minutes to reach a peace accord, or they must declare war.
Ninth graders examine the causes and major events of the Cold War. They listen to a lecture and fill in the blanks on a handout, and in two groups develop a proposal to deal with the Cuban Missile Crisis.
Use this twelve-day lesson plan to teach about the causes and courses of WWI. Each day scholars attend lectures, complete creative activities, and hold round table discussions on what they've learned. Web links and resources are included. Note: some days do not have a full lesson plan but state the topic to be covered. Lesson Planet has many presentations available that could make this lesson a reality.
Fifth graders create a timeline of events in a soldiers life.  In this World War I lesson, 5th graders learn about the Great Depression and World War I.  Students watch video segments about World War I and examine primary sources from the same time period.  Students work in groups to create a timeline of events.
In this online interactive history quiz learning exercise, students respond to 50 multiple choice questions about World War I. Students may submit their answers to be scored.

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