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Students explore archery. In this archery physical education lesson plan, students identify the parts of a bow and arrow, practice using a bow and arrow, and play several related  games that review archery skills and safety rules.
In this boy scout merit badge: archery worksheet, 8th graders research the topic using websites listed, then answer 5 detailed questions about safety, commands, local laws, equipment, scoring in archery, then select an option and perform specific tasks.
Students study archery. In this archery lesson plan, students develop basic archery and hunter safety skills. Students discuss the history of archery and bow hunting.
Students are taught archery rande rules and procedures. They also learn the whistle system associated with this archery program.
Learners practice archery. In this archery activity, students see how to shoot the bow and hit a target. They attempt to hit balloons that are attached to a target.  
Students improve shooting skill and accuracy while playing a unique archery game. They play a game that resembles "Plinko" from the game show The Price is Right. Students shoot their predetermined number of arrows into the target butt attempting to protect the entry point of the sliding discs into boxes placed on the floor at the bottom of the targets.
Students practice aiming with bows and arrows. In this archery lesson, students use the skills they have already learned to enhance their aim and accuracy.
Students play archery tic-tac-toe. In this shooting skills lesson, students aim at targets placed in a tic-tac-toe pattern using bow and arrows. The student with the most accuracy wins.
Eighth graders improve target shooting by aiming for index cards placed on their targets. The cards contain questions pertaining to archery terminology, which also serves as a review.
Students are shown proper stance, nocking, targeting, and release techniques of archery. They follow basic safety procedures involved in handling and using archery equipment. Students practice shooting aluminum or fiberglass shaft arrows.
In this acrostic poem worksheet, students write 5 or 6 words that start with each letter in the word archery. Students relate the words to traffic safety and then write the acrostic poem with the words.
In this acrostic poem learning exercise, students use the letters in the word 'archery' to create an acrostic poem. Students write a word or phrase for the 7 letters.
In this soccer worksheet, students read for information and assess reading and vocabulary comprehension. In this multiple choice worksheet, students answer twelve questions.
We don't often think military life and the arts as a two things that go together. Learners will examine how the Samurai and ancient Japanese military men were trained not just to fight, but also to create art through theater, poetry, and tea. They will analyze a scene from a hanging scroll and a waka poem to better understand the balance of culture found in the Japanese military.
Archerie, archery, arkhery, arhcery? Language learners are presented with the definition of various Olympic sports and challenged to select the correct spelling of the name of that sport. No answer key is provided.
In this reading comprehension activity worksheet, students read a 1 page selection entitled "Soccer". Students respond to 12 multiple choice questions pertaining to the passage.
In this sport vocabulary worksheet, learners determine which words in a set identify team, individual and opponent sports, match sports, equipment and sports verbs and read short passages to determine sports being played. Questions have multiple components. 
Fifth graders discuss the history of sports in Iowa. In this sports lesson, 5th graders write a friendly sports letter and a how to directional writing. They write five entries in their journal from the point of view of a piece of sports equipment. 
While many may imagine the Mongols stereotypically as a barbarian and brutal people, Mr. Green invites his audiences to consider the complexity and impact of this once great empire. This episode covers the benefits, consequences, and lasting impact of the Mongol empire, from Genghis Khan's rise to power, to the development of increased communication and trade throughout Eurasia as a result of Mongol conquests.
Your class will be eager to improve their physical skills and bring their games to the next level after working with you and this app! Record your young athletes as they demonstrate their unique athletic abilities, and then review movements frame-by-frame with analysis tailored to their specific needs.

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