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Middle schoolers study the fossils in Argentina and why it is a good place to find them.  In this dinosaurs lesson students learn about the recent dinosaur excavations. 
Ninth graders discuss the conflict about oil between Britain and Argentina. In this Political conflict lesson, 9th graders read an article and answer guided reading questions. Students write an email to their teacher about Black Gold in the South Atlantic. 
In this ESL worksheet, students read or listen to an article about the Argentina and Mexico World Cup soccer game. Students complete all or some of the 100 activities available here including discussion, listening, vocabulary and comprehension.
In this Argentina beef activity, students read the article, answer true and false questions, complete synonym matching, complete phrase matching, complete a gap fill, answer short answer questions, answer discussion questions, write, and more about Argentina beef. Students complete 10 activities total.
In this ESL/ELL reading and listening comprehension worksheet, students read or listen to an article entitled, "Angry Argentina Commuters Torch Trains." They complete a variety of discussion, grammar, and comprehension activities based on the reading selection.
Students investigate the history, people, and the economy of Argentina. They complete a Webquest, explore various websites, answer discussion questions, and identify and read newspaper articles about local businesses that export goods to other countries.
Students explore the benefits and drawbacks of free trade from the perspective of the United States, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Chile and Mexico. For homework, they each write a letter to the editor expressing their personal viewpoint on trade.
Young scholars research tango music and dancing and research where it comes from. In this tango lesson plan, students research Argentina and South America while learning about the tango and making posters of it.
Students listen to tango music and research the country it came from. In this music lesson, students find that tango music comes from Argentina. They listen and dance to the music and then write stories. 
In this area worksheet, students use a table with a an area given for Argentina in square kilometers, then use that to complete the table, finding area for other South American countries.
For this Flag of Argentina worksheet, students color the Flag of Argentina after reading the directions to the colors and the history of the flag. Students color 1 flag.
In this map of Argentina learning exercise, learners label key areas, cities, bodies of water and surrounding countries, then color the map according to directions.
Just a heads up: this lesson is based on a book, Dinosaur Eggs Discovered! Unscrambling the Clues. If you do not have or do not want to purchase the book, you may still find the other activities and worksheets useful in your earth science curriculum. There are links to interactive websites, BBC News articles, printable reading and comprehension questions, and more. Keep this as a mini resource library for your earth history unit.
In this social studies worksheet, students find the words that are associated with the country of Argentina. The answers are found at the bottom of the page.
After locating Latin American countries on a world map, children read about how microbanks are loaning money to help start small businesses. Involving both current events and economics, the teacher introduces the article with a map activity and vocabulary challenge. The class reads the news article and participate in a think-pair-share discussion. The lesson includes interdisciplinary follow-up activities.
In this recognizing verb tenses: present, past, and future worksheet, students read a review of verb tenses with example sentences, identify the tenses of verbs in sentences, rewrite sentences to change them to past tense and future tense, and review and assess knowledge. Students write thirty-one answers.
Students research and map the North and South American continents. In this geography lesson on the Americas, students can locate North, Central and South American countries and states. Students choose a location to research and prepare a report or multi-media project on that location.
Learners view a video clip about grasslands. They identify threats to grasslands and describe cultures which have adapted to grassland conditions. They discuss possible solutions to preserve grasslands as well.
This lengthy assignment for English language learners includes a one-page reading on the Argentinian president, Cristina Kirchner, and numerous activities/exercises that address listening and reading comprehension, speaking, vocabulary acquisition, spelling, and more. An answer key is provided for some of the exercises.
In this research worksheet, students answer 25 questions about the World Cup 2006. For example, "What position does Luis Figo play and for what team?"