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Twenty-eight problems, two pages, and an answer key all related to number patterns, recursive formula, and arithmetic sequence. Leaners find the next number in the pattern or sequence and determine the arithmetic formula to go with the pattern. 
2, 4, 6, 8, who do we appreciate? Do the numbers in this sequence make it an arithmetic sequence? Watch this video and find out.
Eleventh graders investigate arithmetic sequences.  In this Algebra II lesson, 11th graders create an arithmetic sequence and explore the effect of each variable in the formula of the nth term of an arithmetic sequence.  Students graph an sequence using a scatter plot.
In this sequences and series worksheet, students complete seven activities covering arithmetic sequences, geometric sequences, and series.  Fully worked out examples, formulas, and explanations are included.
Students explore the concept of arithmetic series and sequences. In this arithmetic series and sequence instructional activity, students compare arithmetic sequences and series. Students solve arithmetic series and sequence word problems.
Sixth graders explore pattern recognition and sequencing. They create arithmetic and geometric sequences with colors, shapes, and numbers. Students write expressions of arithmetic sequences and geometric sequences to find the nth term.
Learners who view this video should gain a better understanding of the difference between a geometric sequence and an arithmetic sequence. The video includes an example of each, with step-by-step instructions on how to figure out which is which. The lecturer explains that you need a common ratio for the sequence to be geometric and a common difference for the sequence to be arithmetic.
In this arithmetic sequences learning exercise, students solve 45 short answer, multiple choice, and graphing problems. Students find the nth term of an arithmetic sequence. Students solve systems of equations using elimination. Students find simple interest.
Find the sequence of an equation with your math super stars. They differentiate between arithmetic and geometric sequences and then calculate the sum of finite and infinite sequences.
In this arithmetic sequence instructional activity, students identify the terms in a described sequence. They find the nth term in a sequence, complete a sequence statement and find the arithmetic means. This one-page instructional activity contains 15 problems.
In this arithmetic sequences worksheet, students find the indicated term for a given arithmetic sequence. They identify the means in a sequence and complete statements for sequences. This one-page worksheet contains 26 problems.
In this arithmetic sequences activity, students find the indicated term of a given arithmetic sequence. They write an equation for the nth term of a sequence and determine the mean of the sequence. This one-page activity contains 26 problems.
Sal solves a problem from the AIME (American Invitational Mathematics Examination) that utilizes knowledge of arithmetic sequences to create a third sequence for which one needs to find the eighth term of. This is a pretty complicated problem that requires a fairly persistent use of algebra.
Briefly show your class or individual learners how to find the common difference in an arithmetic sequence. A quick and simple video, this resource should guide pupils toward understanding the concept of common difference. Appropriate for in-class or at-home use.
In this sequence worksheet, students determine the sum of numbers in a sequence.  They evaluate an arithmetic sequence.  This seven-page worksheet contains detailed notes, examples, and 10 problems.
In this arithmetic series worksheet, students solve 30 short answer problems. Students find the sum of a given arithmetic series. Students find arithmetic means between two terms in an arithmetic sequence.
For this sequence notation worksheet, 9th graders solve and complete 16 different problems that include determining various types of sequences. First, they determine the equation for each arithmetic sequence. Then, students use an arithmetic sequence to find the number of multiples between two given numbers. They also determine the sum of 3 arithmetic series.
In this practice with sequences worksheet, students find the arithmetic sequence and geometric sequence of given problems.  They determine the percent of change and solve exponent problems.  This one-page worksheet contains 11 problems.
Teach the class how to continue a given number pattern, and have them state a rule to explain their answer. Arithmetic sequences and related worksheets are used to reinforce the concept of numerical patterns using the nthterm.
Students examine the concept of sequences. Students create a sequence using varied starting numbers, multipliers, and add on values. Students practice determining the starting values to use in order to produce a desired sequence.

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