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In this online interactive grammar skills worksheet, students answer 9 fill in the blank questions regarding conditional sentences. Students may submit their answers to be scored.
In this online interactive grammar skills learning exercise, students answer 8 multiple choice questions regarding grammar and vocabulary skills. Students may submit their answers to be scored.
Rather than simply reading about the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation, your young historians will make the case for a new Constitution that will positively impact the new nation of the United States.
Wow, what a terrific lesson! After learning about natural disasters, such as volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, landslides and tsunamis, pupils write an article and publish their work. This lesson is chock full of resources and supplemental materials.
Grammar lessons can be exciting and informative.
In this online interactive grammar worksheet, students answer 44 fill in the blank questions regarding the use of articles. Students may submit their answers to be scored.
What are articles? Once your class realizes that they're words like a, an, and the, they'll be so relieved! This presentation is simply a brief explanation and introduction to these words. No practice opportunity is provided here, so either add some additional slides of your own or pair it with a practice sheet!
Assess and diagnose grammar knowledge with this online resource. Learners complete 25 question online interactive quizzes at either a beginning or intermediate level. There are 30 grammar tests available; each has 25 questions. This website could be used as a test, an activity, a pre-assessment, or a sponge activity.
Students read an article from the New York Times and discuss the content. In this vocabulary lesson, students collaborate in small groups to select interesting nouns and verbs to define and share with the class, after reviewing the parts of speech. Students write original sentences using the words they collected from the article, ensuring that nouns and verbs are use appropriately.
In this ESL writing lesson, pupils write a short article in English about a subject they choose using correct grammar and punctuation. Their articles are then posted as blogs online.
In this online interactive English skills worksheet, students answer 50 multiple choice questions regarding appropriate grammar. Students may submit their answers to be scored.
For this articles worksheet, students read about the part of speech that indicates an article, and have a multiple choice quiz on articles. Students answer 10 questions.
In this grammar worksheet, students learn how to use articles in sentence writing. They then use what they learned to answer the 10 questions on the worksheet. The answers are on the last page.
In this grammar testing worksheet, students complete a 25 question diagnostic test covering a variety of concepts. Students select answers by clicking on a button beside each sentence. 
Pep up your review of article usage with this bright green presentation! If your class is not normally enthralled with grammar, this neon green background will surely get their attention. The descriptions are very clear but unfortunately, some of the examples are muddled. The last slide contains sentences with blanks for your learners to fill in the correct article.
Explore the different symbols of grammar. Middle schoolers write two sentences using different symbols, including asterisks, apostrophes, and ellipses. They also read and answer guided questions.
Here is an outstanding series of lessons on journalism, writing newspaper articles, and writing editorials. This type of writing has long-been neglected in our schools, so this collection of writing activities is most-valuable. Along with the well-designed activities described in the lesson plans, there is a very good rubric for the teacher to use when grading student work. A terrific resource for high school English teachers.
Students write a newspaper article related to a sports event.  In this article writing lesson, students read sports-related articles, complete a graphic organizer to help them see the format of a newspaper article, then they work in groups to write two sports articles for their group's newspaper.  There is a link to the graphic organizer included in the lesson.
In this using articles worksheets, students read each sentence and fill in the blanks using the correct article. Students are given 10 sentences to practice the skill.
Get your class to use the scientific process to solve a scientific problem. They utilize the Natural Inquirer magazine to identify a research question which they write an introduction to and collect data to answer. They use graphs, photographs or charts to simulate their data while they create a Natural Inquirer style article. Note: This lesson could be used with any magazine.

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