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Students create their own countries. In this geography skills lesson, students establish governments, cultural backgrounds, atlas/geography components, national anthems, and national symbols for a country they create.
Third graders familiarize themselves with the use of an atlas. In this mapping lesson students learn about the creation of the national anthem and 'America the Beautiful' Using the worksheet provided, 3rd graders map particular regions across America, using key facts provided about the regions, with an atlas.
Students identify different geographical locations in Canada by using an Atlas. In this geography of Canada lesson plan, students locate features such as rivers, lakes, cities, provinces, and more.
Eighth graders practice using atlases. In this geography skills lesson, 8th graders select a college they would like to attend and use an atlas to respond to questions about the geography of the place.
In this using reference sources instructional activity, students review what can be found in atlases, thesauri, dictionaries, almanac, encyclopedias, and Books in Print. Students then identify the sources they would use to find the 15 listed items.
Second graders use games that use the atlas and the globe. Students take a ride (journey). Students place their chairs as if they are riding in a car. The Teacher is the driver. As the students travel along they point out different sites that they see along the way. Students discuss the importance of knowing how to use maps to help them find where they want to go.
Fourth graders complete an atlas worksheet to become familiar with the types of information found in an atlas.
Students work in pairs to locate the ancient cities on a world atlas using the longitude and latitude measurements. They examine the physical and human futures that explain their locations.
Students interpret a map or Atlas. They determine latitude, longitude, and absolute location and create and evaluate a travel itinerary. They identify the benefits and drawbacks of an itinerary and conduct online research as a means to travel.
Ninth graders, working in pairs, use a multimedia world atlas, Encarta Multimedia Encyclopedia and the Internet (as well as any text materials found in the library) to research information about a specific region of the world.
Fourth graders work in pairs and use atlases to locate specific geographic features in Africa. They use the Internet to view these geographic features.
Students use atlases, maps, and Web resources to generate and examine maps of their own neighborhoods.
Learners identify that Idaho is a home to 168 species of butterflies and they are an important part of many habitats. They also identify how to use the Digital Atlas of Idaho and write a report regarding information of their assigned species. Fianlly, students present their reports to the entire class.
In this atlas terms and definitions online interactive activity, students read the definitions and match them with Atlas vocabulary words. Students match 49 answers.
In this beginner's World Atlas learning exercise, students observe the oo = foot picture and use it to darken in circles of words with that sound and that best complete the sentences. Students choose seven words to complete the sentences.
In this online interactive reading comprehension worksheet, students respond to 25 multiple choice questions about Ayn Rand's Atlas ShruggedStudents may submit their answers to be scored.
Second graders understand the purpose of an Atlas and what it is used for. For this Atlas library lesson, 2nd graders become familiar with different Atlases and pair share what they have found.
In this atlas worksheet, students review atlases on CD-ROM as well as a map of Utah. Students respond to 5 short answer questions regarding the map.
Students use educational software to create an alphabetical directory of maps that indicates the precise location of the community's health care facilities.
In this atlas alphabet instructional activity, students write the answer to the clue about things found in an atlas that start with each letter of the alphabet. Students write 26 answers.