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Students enhance their knowledge about the history of Australia.  In this World History instructional activity, students engage in a teacher-led classroom discussion about Australia's history, then write a journal depicting the events that stood out to them.
Here is a great series of lessons all about Australia. Learners get into groups and perform some research on one of the six Australian states. On day four, they will present the information they find to the class as a group. The lesson plan has some excellent websites that pupils can access to perform their research, and a good worksheet embedded in the plan to help keep their presentation on track. A terrific teaching resource.
Young scholars explore Australia. In this geography skills instructional activity, students participate in classroom activities that require them to locate Australia as well as distances between Australia and other locations. Young scholars also note cities and geographic features in Australia.
Learners explore Australia. In this global studies lesson, students listen to audio clips and watch video clips that introduce them to the the nation-continent. Learners discuss what they already know about Australia and what they would like to know about it in this introductory lesson on the topic.
Students discover information about the Aboriginal people of Australia. In this global studies lesson, students listen to mini-lectures regarding the history of Australia and the Aboriginal people. Students compare American Indians to the Aborigines with Venn diagrams and learn how to use a boomerang.
Sixth graders study the continent of Australia.  In this Geography lesson, 6th graders create an Australian city using their knowledge of Australian cities.  Students participate in a game about the continent. 
Students discover and write stories from the past.  In this instructional activity on Australia, students conduct interviews of family or friends to discover stories and legends from the past. Students then create a brochure for Australia. 
Students complete a research project. In this Australia lesson, students discuss the Random Acts of Kindness movement started by an Australian woman, Anne Herbert. They investigate themes of geography as they relate to Australia. Students work in groups to research one of the major regions and then present it to the class.
Students discuss landmarks commonly found on maps. They are divided into two groups, and asked to draw a map for a friend who hasn't been to the area. Group A may use street and place names, group B may not. Students discuss the role of place names and apply this to Australia where two place names are found on maps (Aboriginal and European).
First graders are introduced to the country of Australia through books, Internet research, maps and music. They listen to stories, watch videos, decorate cookies and participate in an Australian-themed day of activities.
In this language skills worksheet, learners read an article about Australia Day. Students respond to 6 matching questions, 29 fill in the blank questions, 30 multiple choice questions, 12 word scramble questions, 30 short answer questions, 1 graphic organizer question, and 1 essay question regarding the content of the article.
Students give a solid history and geographic explanation of the country of Australia and explain why it is important. They use some creativity in designing their own island, by using the physical features of this particular country.
Students participate in activities in which they discover facts about Australia. They examine its climate and history. They complete a worksheet to end the instructional activity.
Here is an interesting worksheet on Australia and New Zealand. Learners correctly identify the flag of New Zealand, draw a picture of the Australian Aboriginal Flag, draw a picture of Devil's Rock, and circle the six things they could find in the natural environment of Ayer's Rock. A good, multi-purpose worksheet. Perfect to include in any student-produced report on these two countries.
In this geography worksheet, students read about the history and development of Australia, New Zealand, and Antarctica. Students take notes and answer 5 short answer comprehension questions as they read the selection.
Middle schoolers create a magazine highlighting the history and geography of Australia. In this Australia lesson plan, students do online research and other research to create a magazine with articles and advertisements.
For this Australia Day worksheet, learners use several referenced website to look up information and answer questions about Australia Day. 
For this Australia worksheet, students fill in the blanks to a page about Australia by using a word bank. Students complete 15 blanks total.
Young scholars identify major world religions and forms of spirituality and recognise the religious diversity of communities in Australia. They brainstorm for the definition of religion. Students brainstorm to come up with a list of religions.
Students examine various artworks by aborigines in Australia to discover their culture. Using the artwork, they create their own piece based on their interpretations about their culture. They answer discussion questions and share their artwork with the class.