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Students prepare for a visit to a retirement home using a personal time-line. In this personal time-line lesson plan, students ask their family members for help in making the time-line. They write an autobiography that will be used in a Living History Book before working as a class to write questions to be used when visiting the senior center.
Students use their Life Map to write a strong introduction for an autobiography. They apply the Life Map to a written sequence, use guided imagery to visualize the writing process and experience peer editing.
Students write their autobiography. In this autobiography lesson, students identify what goals they have for their lives. Students write the events of their life in sequence and use the peer editing process.
Seventh graders explore the life of Gandhi using his autobiography and memoir. In this Gandhi exploration lesson, 7th graders analyze Gandhi's literary voice by reading his autobiography. Students identify literary techniques in Gandhi's writing and apply the techniques to complete their own memoirs in a writer's workshop.
Young scholars write their own autobiography. They fill out a worksheet to help them organize their personal information. They create their own website displaying their information and share with the class.
Students finish writing and share their autobiographies with the class. For this language arts lesson, students participate in the third in a series of lessons which guide them through the process of writing an autobiography. In this lesson, students polish their introduction and conclusion. They read portions of their writing to the class.
Fourth graders interview their parents and grandparents to research their life stories. Using the information they collect, they write a first draft, revise, edit and write a final draft of their autobiography. They share their stories with the class and collect all papers into a class book.
Learners write an autobiography for themselves. In this autobiography lesson, students create and edit a 100 word autobiography. Learners use digital cameras to take pictures of each other and enhance their autobiographies.
Students write an autobiography of the their school years.
Eighth graders identify the 5th step of the writing process and apply the process to student autobiographies. While in the computer lab, they continue to type their autobiographies, and create covers for their autobiographies.
Students examine the accomplishments of African Americans. After being introduced to the characteristics of an autobiography, they create a timeline of their lives. They use those events to write their own autobiography to share with the class.
Students write an autobiography. In this autobiographical writing lesson, students discuss the important events in their life and write about them on a worksheet. Students illustrate each event in their autobiography.
In this online interactive literature instructional activity, students respond to 10 short answer and essay questions about Benjamin Franklin's The Autobiography of Benjamin FranklinStudents may check some of their answers online.
Middle schoolers write and present their own autobiographies using a computer slideshow.
Eighth graders create autobiography portfolios. In this communication lesson, 8th graders complete performance tasks to compile multi-media autobiographical portfolios.
Students discuss the differences between biographies and autobiographies. They read excerpts from several texts an complete a graphic organize to note details or his life.
Students compare and contrast The Autobiography of Malcolm X to the film adaptation. In this Malcolm X instructional activity, students take notes as they view the film adaptation. Students write a comparative analysis and discuss the life and significance of Malcolm X.
Second graders tell others about themselves. In this autobiography instructional activity, 2nd graders respond to questions about themselves and then create pictures that reveal their personalities.
Eleventh graders study the characteristics of an autobiography. They read from the autobiography of Benjamin Franklin and discuss and write an essay regarding some of his quotes.
Students discuss the characteristics of an autobiography. Individually, they complete a graphic organizer and a timeline of events about their life. In groups, students brainstorm ideas for an interesting sentence and write an autobiography. Afterwards, they exchange papers for proofing and make corrections.

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