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In this online quiz worksheet, students answer a set of multiple choice questions about the Bald Eagle. Page includes links to answers, ads and resources.
Fifth graders develop their research skills. In this North American bald eagle lesson, 5th graders use the Internet as well as print sources to research the traits of bald eagles and other birds in order to complete a patriotic symbols project.
For this American Bald Eagle worksheet, learners click on the links to learn about the American Bald Eagle and answer short answer questions about it. Students complete 5 questions total.
Sixth graders explore the food chain by researching bald eagle diets. In this animal poisons lesson, 6th graders identify the chemicals that fish eat which are later consumed by bald eagles. Students utilize colored paper and coloring utensils to conduct an aquatic plant demonstration.
Students create graphs to illustrate the bald eagle population. They identify the population of bald eagles in Minnesota and the United States. They create three graphs to represent the population data including a line, bar, and pictograph. They answer questions about their graphs.
In this American bald eagle worksheet, students fill in a crossword puzzle as they figure out the answers to fourteen trivia facts about the American bald eagle.
In this United States history worksheet, students use the 14 clues in order to fill in the crossword puzzle with the appropriate American Bald Eagle answers.
Students use information from Internet websites to create a map of where Bald Eagle habitats can be found after being familiarized with the map by the instructor.
In this American bald eagle instructional activity, students match ten facts about American bald eagles with their definitions and put five facts in sequential order.
In this bald eagle learning exercise, students complete a KWL Achart about a bald eagle. Students fill in what they know, want to know, and what they have learned about the bald eagle.
In this symbols of America coloring worksheet, students use their artistic skills to color the picture of the bald eagle.
In this coloring worksheet, students color a picture of a bald eagle. Students complete the coloring which includes the bald eagle and some leaves.
Students research the North American bald eagle to determine if this bird's characteristics make it an appropriate symbol to represent the United States as a country. They debate the substitution of other bird species for the eagle.
Young scholars plot on a coordinate plane. In this algebra lesson, students identify points on a coordinate plane and graph lines given coordinate pairs. They create a model as they study bald eagles and their growth and decay.
In this endangered species worksheet, students do research about the American bald eagle and describe its niche, its habitat and why its been an endangered species.
Young historians take a close look at the most famous patriotic symbols of the United States and determine what they actually stand for. Symbols such as Uncle Sam, The Statue of Liberty, The Bald Eagle, and The Liberty Bell are studied. Groups of learners are assigned a symbol and, together, they prepare a presentation for the class. A good lesson, with a strong technological component.
Students identify the bald eagle as the national symbol of the United States and explain what the symbol represents. They work to create their own symbol and explain why their created symbol is an appropriate representation of the United States.
In this symbols of America worksheet, students complete multiple choice questions about the symbols of America including the Statue of Liberty, the Bald Eagle, and more. Students complete 12 questions.
In this birds worksheet, students click on the links to find out information about blue birds and bald eagles or wild turkeys and compare them. Students complete 2 columns in the chart.
Students study patriotic symbols of America. In this American history lesson plan, students construct a KWL chart on United States symbols and examine visuals of the Great Seal and bald eagle. Students create another symbol for America.

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