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Students learn how to write checks and reconcile a checkbook. In this check book instructional activity, students use an imaginary $100 to set up a checking account after learning the proper tasks for keeping an accurate check book. They fill out at least four checks and make one deposit while keeping an accurate check register and reconciliation sheet.
Learners use primary resources for research. In this USSR/China relations lesson, students examine recorded conversations between Stalin and Mao.
Students watch part of a video about Superfund and water pollution. In groups, they read a case study and answer questions about the problem and possible solutions. They role play the role of an environmental scientist and share their results with the class.
Students engage in a reading of a document in order to become familiar with the Federal Reserve of The United States in the interest of strengthening reading comprehension skills with the exposure to expository literature. They read the document and write a summary of it.
Students become aware of the basic liberties of speech, press, religion, assembly and petition through study of Supreme Court cases. Student groups analyae some cases heard by the Supreme Court to further their understanding of the First Amendment.
Second graders participate in a variety of activities about money, coins, and coin values. They read various stories about money, practice counting money and making change, and write a report about the currency used in another country.
Students explore the purpose and structure of the Federal Reseve System and its relationship with the United States Department of the Treasury. Investigations are made into the Mint, Bureau of Engraving and printing and the Federal Reserve.

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