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Students create DNA models using colored construction papers. In this biology lesson, students identify enzyme restriction sites. They model how DNA plasmids replicate when taken up by a bacterial cell.
Students participate in biology demos. In this biology instructional activity, students explain how energy is released in the ATP cycle. They demonstrate DNA replication process.
In this "Evolution" movie worksheet, learners write answers to questions after viewing the movie about the events and meaning of the movie.
Students examine why pieces of DNA move at different rates and over different distances.  For this DNA lesson students complete an activity. 
Review protein synthesis with this single-page learning exercise. It features a rudimentary diagram of the DNA molecule opening up for the transcription process. Genetics whizzes label the diagram, fill in the blanks, and write short answers to questions. The print is a little fuzzy, but overall the learning exercise is functional.
Encourage relationships between classmates with varying academic and social needs.

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