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In this pronouns worksheet, students match the pronouns with the underlined noun in the sentence. Students match 10 pronouns to nouns.
Students investigate the chronicles of history about the Negro Leagues baseball by using rare historical footage and interviews with Black baseball greats. Students also examine how to work in groups to use online resources to reinforce information studied from the video "There Was Always Sun Shining Someplace."
Students analyze primary sources in terms of the social expectations of women in the 1940s, examine the All-American Girls Baseball League of the 1940s, and create baseball cards of one of the players on the team.
This grammar PowerPoint allows students to review the concept of sentence structure in a baseball game format. The slides contain multiple choice questions based on the subject and predicate of sentences. As each students correctly answers a question, they move around virtual baseball bases until they reach home plate.
Learners explore the concept data sets.  In this data sets lesson, students find the 5 number summaries for salaries of teachers and compare them with 5 number summaries of professional baseball players.  Learners use box and whisker plots to describe the data.
Students obtain information that has meaningful to them and information that is new and different. Therefore, the more interesting the lesson, the higher the Students level of engagement there is. The themes of baseball and African American accomplishments in history are highly engaging, and provide powerful platforms from which to approach other historical lessons.
Students explore the change in values from the 1920's to the present. In groups, students use the internet to analyze Pete Rose and gambling in sports. The 1919 scandal of the World Series is explored and discussed by students. They compare and contrast the Black Sox and Pete Rose. Students discuss gambling on baseball games.
Students set up four chairs in the shape of a baseball diamond. As the teacher claps a rhythm, the students repeat the rhythm. If right, they get to go to first base. If not, they're out. Let rhythm baseball begin.
Young scholars participate in a baseball game in which they answer questions related to air pollution. They answer true and false questions as well. They discuss the impact of air pollution on the environment.
Students create a database and use its ability to store, sort, and present information about their fantasy baseball team. They gather information and use their knowledge of statistics to accomplish their team.
In this interactive sports activity, students answer 14 multiple choice questions by selecting the answer from the drop down menu. This quiz is based on their knowledge of the sport of baseball.
In this counting practice worksheet, students count the baseballs and write the total number on the line. Students count 3 baseballs.
For this baseball worksheet, students answer questions about the game of baseball. Students follow a link to answer questions. Questions cover basic information about the game.
For this algebra worksheet, learners convert the score of different bases while playing baseball into fractions. They convert these fractions into decimals and square their answer. There are 12 questions to be solve.
In this baseball worksheet, students write the baseball vocabulary word that is defined for them and they provide the word. Students complete 10 problems.
Students demonstrate how to run bases. In this baseball lesson plan, students are divided into four groups and line up behind a base. Students run the bases and tag the next person in line.
In this word recognition learning exercise, students trace the word "baseball,"write the word independently, and color the picture of the baseball player.
While a nifty idea, this presentation is slightly difficult to follow and use. The PowerPoint involves an exploration of the parts of speech, including the use of nouns and adjectives, using animation, music, and interactive elements. However, not all the questions are given, and playing the baseball game is not intuitive.
In this baseball identical matching worksheet, students examine 6 pictures and use problem solving skills to identify the 2 that are exactly alike.
For this word scramble worksheet, students use a given clue to unscramble a set of words about baseball, filling in blanks in sentences to complete. Answers are included on page 2.

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