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In this word scramble worksheet, students use a given clue to unscramble a set of words about baseball, filling in blanks in sentences to complete. Answers are included on page 2.
Students pay a team sport. In this baseball lesson, students practice various skills such as batting, pitching, throwing and catching. Students learn and practice the batting rotation and participate in each position.
Here is a resource that demonstrates growth and the initial state of an equation. In this case, your class will be looking at baseball collections. How many baseball cards did the collector start out with, and how many were added or subtracted each year? You could expand the resource by having your collectors come up with questions for the class. For example, which equation shows an increase of 100 baseball cards per year? You also could ask the class to think of other things that might have an initial state and grow each year. 
In this sports-themed coloring worksheet, students color the scene of boys playing baseball then respond to 4 short answer questions.
Students explore leadership skills. In this leadership instructional activity, students examine leadership styles as they reflect on controversies and celebrations in American baseball. Students discuss the attributes of positive and ethical leaders.
Here is a simple and clever activity which illustrates the concept of mathematical proportion and size quite effectively. In it, two pupils hold baseball bats: one is a regulation-size bat, the other is a miniature souvenir bat. The class must determine how tall a person should be to have the souvenir bat in their hands while being proportionally correct.
In this Baseball Hall Of Fame players worksheet, students identify and discuss fifty-two key players associated with baseball and circle each one in a word search puzzle.
In this baseball player's nicknames worksheet, students identify and discuss forty-eight key players associated with baseball and circle each one in a word search puzzle.
In this commas worksheet, 3rd graders put the commas in 7 sentences. The worksheet gives several examples of when and how to use commas.
In this grammar worksheet set, students answer 68 questions on 5 pages in which they identify the proper use of the verbs is and are. They ensure that there is subject/verb agreement in each sentence by either choosing is or are, or writing the correct word on the blank lines.
In this creative writing learning exercise, learners examine a color picture of some children playing baseball. Students use the lines provided to write a story about the picture.
In this baseball crossword puzzle worksheet, students solve 11 clues to fill in the squares across and down in this puzzle. They determine words such as bat, infield, team, and umpire.
In this sports worksheet, students unscramble eight key words associated with baseball inside of a baseball. Students check their answers when completed.
In this baseball worksheet, students unscramble the words that represent vocabulary about baseball. Students unscramble 20 words about baseball.
In this online interactive baseball learning exercise, students examine 20 baseball-related words in a word bank. Students use the word bank to unscramble 20 sets of letters. This learning exercise may also be printed for classroom use.
In this grammar worksheet, students use cards to say and spell contractions and move around a baseball mound if they are correct. Each team goes up to bat 3 times.
Learners examine the salaries of professional sports players. Using the baseball strike, they identify the repercussions of the event to the sport. They complete an interactive activity to determine if baseball players are overpaid. They apply economic concepts to answer questions at the end of the activity.
In this baseball terminology worksheet, learners brainstorm and discuss ten key terms associated with baseball and then complete a baseball word scramble worksheet.
In this baseball learning exercise, students explore and discuss thirty-six key terms associated with baseball and circle each one in a word search puzzle.
In this baseball coloring worksheet, students examine a black line drawing of a batter who has just missed the ball. Students color the picture that is labeled "baseball".

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