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In this baseball player's nicknames worksheet, students identify and discuss forty-eight key players associated with baseball and circle each one in a word search puzzle.
Your Junior Highers use an alternative way to practice accuracy of their tennis strokes by playing a game similar to baseball. The purpose is to hit the ball away from your opponents, but within the lines.
Second graders investigate Jackie Robinson and baseball. In this sociology lesson, 2nd graders discuss how Jackie Robinson improved the lives of Americans through his many contributions.
For this baseball crossword puzzle worksheet, students solve 11 clues to fill in the squares across and down in this puzzle. They determine words such as bat, infield, team, and umpire.
Eighth graders measure regular baseball bats and souvenir bats in centimeters. They determine how tall a person would be to be in proportion to the souvenir bat, create a poster depicting the person, and explain the proportional reasoning for the drawing.
In this sports worksheet, students unscramble eight key words associated with baseball inside of a baseball. Students check their answers when completed.
For this baseball crossword puzzle worksheet, students use the 19 clues to identify the correct baseball terms that will solve the crossword puzzle.
In this grammar instructional activity, students use cards to say and spell contractions and move around a baseball mound if they are correct. Each team goes up to bat 3 times.
In this baseball terminology worksheet, learners brainstorm and discuss ten key terms associated with baseball and then complete a baseball word scramble worksheet.
For this baseball coloring worksheet, students examine a black line drawing of a batter who has just missed the ball. Students color the picture that is labeled "baseball".
For this creative writing worksheet, students examine a color picture of some children playing baseball. Students use the lines provided to write a story about the picture.
Students consider Race and Ethnicity in baseball. In this American history lesson, students examine primary source images of American baseball. They then develop an original argument, pose historical questions and conduct Internet research.
Students participate in a lead up game that emphasizes practicing all of the basic soccer skills (e.g., correct punting, dribbling, trapping and passing.)
Students play a game that emphasizes practice of all the basic soccer skills.
Pupils review new vocabulary and verb conjugations. They are divided into two teams and simulate a game of baseball while practicing their new vocabulary. They are given the word in Spanish or English.
Students practice the names/values of notes (treble and bass clefs), dynamic markings and meanings. They review treble/bass staff note names, note values, dynamic markings, other music symbols.
Sixth graders are introduced to the characteristics of homonyms. In groups, they are given points in the baseball game when the homonyms are matched to the correct definition. To end the lesson, they practice spelling the different homonyms with a partner.
In this poetry worksheet, students write a creative poem utilizing each of the first letters in the word baseball on each line and then come up with words that describe baseball using only those letters on each line.
In this literacy worksheet, students solve a word search based upon the theme of baseball. They also have access to other puzzles that are related.
For this baseball worksheet, students explore and discuss thirty-six key terms associated with baseball and circle each one in a word search puzzle.

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