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For this nouns and verbs worksheet, students underline the complete subject once and the complete predicate twice in 7 sentences. Students identify the underlined words in 7 sentences as complete subject, complete predicate, simple subject or simple predicate. Students choose groups of words to make 5 fragments complete sentences.
Students examine online or hard copy timelines of athletics, discuss what they like and dislike about time tables they have reviewed, research in small groups history of basketball, baseball, gymnastics, or track and field, and create two-part timelines, depicting both men and women involved in sport.
Students research Negro Leagues by historical timeline frames. They illustrate these timelines on graphs and spreadsheets. Each timeline is studies in depth within this lesson plan.
Second graders investigate Jackie Robinson and baseball. In this sociology lesson, 2nd graders discuss how Jackie Robinson improved the lives of Americans through his many contributions.
For this card catalog and library database worksheet, students look at the starting screen for searching the library database. Students write what number and words to type to get information about each book. Students then use the information on the computer screen to answer the last 5 questions.
Students investigate the concept of converting fractions to decimals with the use of practice in recognition of fractions and finding the decimal equivalent by sight or by using division. This lesson plan could be done effectively with students using calculators.
In this baseball themed activity, students examine a diagram of a baseball diamond and label the parts of the diamond and the position of the players.
In this early childhood nouns instructional activity, students practice using nouns as they complete 10 sentences with a noun or nouns from the word bank.
Students analyze portion sizes in a healthy diet. In this portion sizes lesson, students complete a food group choices worksheet and identify the correct portion of food. Students work in groups to teach the unit to elementary students. Students take a quiz on the lesson.
Students research Black organizations the existed during the first half of the 20th Century, including the Negro Leagues baseball. They create a brochure that provides information about one of the organizations.
Students participate in a virtual field trip to The Baseball Hall of Fame to explore and research how technology has affected a baseball's players career. They list specific changes that the sport of baseball has undergone because of technology advances.
Students pair up in small groups and use a large bat, batting tee and whiffle ball to practice their baseball batting skills.
Students study the baseball players in the past and present and see how the union played a part in lives.  In this labor lesson students analyze documents and identify the effects of the different markets on labor salaries. 
Sixth graders work in teams to run through an obstacle course in the attempt to get the fastest time. In this obstacle course lesson, 6th graders must complete a variety of tasks in the obstacle course. Students participate in jumping rope, low balancing beam, small swimming pool, and a baseball bat; the team with the fastest time wins.
Learners determine the center of percussion and the center of mass for a baseball bat.  In this projective motion lesson students demonstrate the relationship between the position of the baseball bat and when its in the position in the appropriate hitting field. 
Students calculate baseball statistics and ball field dimensions. In this Pythagorean Theorem, percentages and metric conversion lesson, students are given formulas to find earned run and batting averages for White Sox baseball players. They also find the distance from bases using the Pythagorean Theorem and convert the answers to metric units.
For this baseball word search worksheet, young scholars find 16 words in a puzzle which pertain to the sport of baseball. There is a word bank, and the puzzle is shaped like a baseball.
Learners explore the game of cricket on a video, if possible, and describe their observations. After hey compare baseball, softball, and cricket, students divide into groups to research assigned topics such as the history of cricket, rules of cricket, rules of baseball, and rules of softball, as well as the role of players for each game. Learners create a presentation for the class.
Students identify the various Negro Leagues from 1920-1948 researching the Negro Leagues through the Internet, textbooks, novels, and historical documents. They then identify inception dates, elements contributing to failure, and the date the league ceased to exist.
For this baseball worksheet, students choose the correct picture that would go with this sport. Students have a picture and words of a comb, cup, pear, and football to choose from.

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