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Wow, this lesson packs a punch. Pupils interview basketball players, write about a game, and use Excel to organize statistics related to the players and the points scored. Afterward, they create posters, presentations, and much more.
Learners use math skills and create a spreadsheet. In this statistics and computer skills instructional activity, students gather ACC basketball statistics, convert fractions to decimals and then percents. Learners use the gathered information to create a spreadsheet, and analyze their data.
Fourth graders observe and demonstrate various basic basketball skills. They complete a warm-up activity, and in pairs demonstrate the chest pass, bounce pass, overhead pass, the one-hand shot, and dribbling.
Students explore language arts by identifying vocabulary used in sports. In this basketball terms lesson, students discuss the game of basketball and utilize a basket and paper with vocabulary terms written on it. Students define the specific terms while acting out the action using the basket and rolled up paper.
Students work with the teacher one group at a time, spreading out and with a basketball, practice dribbling with the music that is playing in the background. After they dribble with their dominate hand, they switch hands and do the same thing. Then they all dribble around the gym watching the person in front of them.
Learners participate in an exercise activity. In this basketball instructional activity, students practice shooting basketballs. Learners do warm up activities and break into partners. Students pass the ball back and forth to each other and shoot baskets.
A gold mine of basketball dribbling drills! There are an assorted variety of drills here to keep those players busy. Some involve cooperation, some competition, but all of them are about practicing dribbling.
In this basketball spelling worksheet, students study, discuss and analyze a list of spelling words, fill in missing letters in words, complete sentences with basketball terms, unscramble ten terms, complete a word search puzzle and take a spelling test for mastery.
This basketball unit for middle schoolers was created by a collaboration of many teachers. This 3 week unit has plenty of skill drills and activities. There are great teaching technique cues. There is even a basketball unit test included. This is a unit worth checking out!
Students play Fantasy Basketball in order to practice locating Internet information and using technology tools to display data; students demonstrate an understanding and use of graphing, probability, and statistics.
Three basketball activities can be found in this resource. One is a basic shooting drill. Use the cues BEEF: balance, elbows, eyes, follow-through. The second drill is for practicing lay-ups. Use the cue: elbow and knee on a string. The last activity is to play a game of bump. It's what fun!!
A basketball shooting lesson plan that is nicely laid out. There is scaffolding in the organization and order of the skill drills. One of the highlights is that it covers part of the preshot routine which is very important for consistency in shooting baskets. 
Students refine their basic skills of basketball by participating in a variety of basketball stations.
Pupils develop the skills of dribbling a basketball while practicing various types of drills. The teacher helps the them to complete various drills through modeling and supervises successful completion and demonstration of skills.
Students learn and demonstrate effective basketball shooting skills. Proper hand placement, balance, stance, and focusing eyesight on the target( basketball goal & rim) are learned in this lesson.
In this comprehension learning exercise, students read a passage about basketball and answer multiple choice questions about it. Students complete 5 questions total.  
Learners ride scooters and practice basketball passing skills in this physical education activity.
Second graders practice dribbling and passing a basketball. They also learn the correct finger position for dribbling and how to place their feet when passing.
Fifth graders participate in different activities in learning how to dribble a basketball. They follow the teacher's lead through a variety of dribbling skill drills.
Fifth graders practice set shot and dribbling a basketball. In this super casino lesson, 5th graders play a game to assist them with dribbling the basketball with control. Students score points by making a proper set shot.

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