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Middle schoolers create a travel journal for an imaginary trip around Belgium. They identify animals and plants that live in Belgium. Students describe the landscape of Belgium. They order major event in Belgium history. Middle schoolers describe major events in Belgium history.
Students engage in a lesson that is concerned with the concept of medieval ages. They conduct research using a variety of resources and use the information to perform in some roleplay activities. Students also create research papers about medieval times.
Students locate Wisconsin and Belgium on a world map, then read a news article about a cat that stowed away on ship from the U.S. to Europe. For this current events lesson, the teacher introduces the article with map and vocabulary activities, then students read the news report and participate in a class discussion. Lesson includes interdisciplinary follow-up activities.
Your little grammarians identify nouns in a variety of exercises. Concrete and abstract, singular and plural, count and noncount nouns are included, so it might make a good review of comprehensive parts of speech study. Learners mark nouns in sentences, find nouns in a small word search (likeĀ Belgium and champion), sort 19 nouns into six categories based on how the plural is formed, and use correct subject/verb agreement by writing sentences with seven challenging nouns.
In this map of Belgium learning exercise, students view and label on a map of Belgium its regions, major cities, important landmarks, compass rose and a legend.
Students examine the nations, battlefields, troop movement of the Germans through Belgium and the location of both fronts during World War I by creating a map. They visualize the strength of the Germans early in the war.