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In this origin of life worksheet, students will review the different theories on how life originated on the Earth including the experiments conducted by Louis Pastuer, Francesco Redi, and Miller and Urey. Students will complete 14 fill in the blank questions and 14 short answer questions.
Tenth graders research "spontaneous generation." They discuss the idea and their findings with the class. They discuss the color of blood in the body (red or blue). Students discuss ways to prove/disprove their theories and conduct research to determine the correctness of their position.
Fourth graders, in groups, determine whether bacteria arises from non-living things,
Students analyze graphs on global carbon dioxide emission. For this environmental science lesson, students explain the role of carbon dioxide levels to global climate change. They examine ways to reduce their own carbon footprints.
Students examine the major events that have taken place in the Earth's development.  In this Earth lesson students view a video and put major events in chronological order. 
Tenth graders discuss anomalies in nature and science. They discuss times that anomalies led to the collection of data that explained the phenomena and contributed to changing scientific understandings. Students work in groups to research different aspects of evolutionary theory.
For this word search worksheet, students locate words related to biology. The word list includes protists, viruses, plants, spiral, and biotechnology.
In this biology crossword puzzle worksheet, students use the 5 clues regarding microbiology terms to help them correctly complete the word puzzle.
Students examine the basic biosphere and its components.  In this ecology lesson students complete several experiments including designing a system that is balanced to sustain life.
In this biology worksheet, students locate and identify various vocabulary terms found in Microbiology. There are 42 words located in the puzzle.
In this biology activity, students identify and locate various vocabulary terms pertaining to microbiology. There are 54 biology terms located in the word search.
In this history of life worksheet, students review 4 vocabulary words associated with the beginnings of life. Students place these terms into a crossword puzzle and then complete 2 fill in the blank questions.

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