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Students investigate the physical, chemical and biological parameters necessary to establish an ecological baseline. Establishing an ecological baseline not only shows the ecological characteristics of a creek but makes the possible future environmental monitoring of the creek as human activities increase the stress on the system.
Students examine different levels of organization in biological systems for structure and function relationships.  In this biological systems lesson, students use Internet resources to look at structure and function in the eye, the cell, protein synthesis, and sickle cell anemia.  Resources and detailed instructions are provided. 
Pupils study tissue engineering and its risks and benefits.  In this biology lesson students take a stand on a side then research and support their position. 
Students construct a terrarium using soda bottles. In this life science lesson, students explain the role of each creatures in the new habitat. They write a report about what they did in this activity.
Students describe the different types of biomes. In this biology lesson plan, students create a map of assigned biome with descriptive paragraphs. They share their findings to class.
Learners study limiting factors and are able to summarize how they effect population size.  In this biology lesson students design their own scientific investigation.
Students explore the different characteristics of the cell using a virtual lab. In this biology lesson, students classify an unknown cell sample based on its properties. They demonstrate mastery of the subject by creating a presentation of their findings.
Twelfth graders explain relationships and interactions between species, the difference between a fundamental niche and a realized niche. They explore the various species interactions from their classmates through the jigsaw activity.
Young scholars research and define a muscle biology research question and organize an experiment to address the question utilizing either NADH staining or acid buffering. They analyze data as well as draw conclusions about their research. Students write a concise summary of methods and results.
Students choose a problem or question related to biology research the problem, possible solutions, and supporting data, and make a decision about a solution to the problem or an answer to the question based on their accumulated data.
In this advanced biology terminology worksheet, students research, define and discuss forty one extensive terms dealing with cells and then locate and circle each term in a word search puzzle.
High schoolers investigate the biology of ADHD and its implications upon the formation and treatment of the disease. They draw and label the parts of a neuron. Also, they describe the neurotransmission cycle. Students create a list of pros and cons to the use of medication for treatment.
Students investigate the function and structures of cells. In this biology lesson, students identify the different parts of a cell using a graphic organizer. They define the cell theory and how it relates to a cell as a whole.
For this biology crossword puzzle worksheet, students use the 8 clues regarding biology terms to help them correctly complete the word puzzle.
Students study the environment and interactions of living organisms. They identify abiotic and biotic factors and create a foldable and vocabulary cards. They create a poster illustrating soil and watch a video to study symbiosis.
In this online interactive biology crossword puzzle worksheet, learners use the 9 clues to find the appropriate answers to complete the word puzzle.
In this online interactive biology crossword puzzle worksheet, students use the 8 clues to find the appropriate answers to complete the word puzzle.
Students engage in a variety of activities in order to review a Biology unit. For example, they research the Bird Flu, it's history, how it is spread, what has been done about it, what better options exist for controlling or removing it. They write a 2-3 page (typed) report.
Ninth graders design a device to treat aneurism. In this biology lesson, 9th graders create a polymer in the lab and explain its uses. They identify the different diseases affecting the circulatory system.
In this word search activity, students locate 41 words related to AP Biology. The list of words includes particles, anion, distance, and matter.

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