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Learners' identify and analyze the levels of organization and the emergent properties through experimentation. Students' apply the differences in the properties of a plant before and after it has been subjected to a kitchen blender.
In this consonant blends worksheet, students identify words with gr, tr, pr, dr, sl, cl, pl, st, and sp consonant blends and categorize them.
In this consonant blends worksheet, students locate words with specific consonant blends. There are a total of 15 problems.
Students use letter cards in order to practice blending consonants with the letter a. For this blending with a worksheet, students practice the word "at" for the a-t sound.
Students listen to words, then segment them into sounds, and hear sounds and blend them into words.
Pupils discover the challenges of single parent and blended families, noting the positive and negative effects of each. The lesson includes video clips, case studies, discussions, and an Internet quiz. There is also some attention given to crisis management strategies.
High schoolers investigate the concepts related to the concept of single and blended families. They conduct research using a variety of resources and make a comparison of the different types of families. Students then take a quiz about the information that is presented.
Students are introduced to the concept of segmentation and blending of words. As a class, they are shown various words and are asked to determine the amount of letters and sounds in each. To end the lesson, they participate in a guessing game in which they practice both techniques.
In these word creation worksheets, students complete several activities that help them learn and spell with short vowels, initial consonants, consonant blends, and word families.
In this blended words instructional activity, learners break up blended words into 2 words. Students complete this for 16 words on this instructional activity.
Students explore the blending of individual sounds to make words and, using visuals and manipulatives, equate this process to the hooking up of railroad cars to make a train. They link individual letters/sounds to make short words.
In this consonant blend worksheet, students recognize bl consonant blend words, add bl to complete words, and use them to complete sentences. Students write eighteen bl consonant blend words.
In this "bl" blend words worksheet, students complete the crossword puzzle by using the "bl" words from the word bank of twelve "bl" words.
Students listen to and read the poem "Cat's Eyes" and discuss the repetition of words and the blends in the poem.
Young scholars listen to a text in class and determine which words the blend with an "r" as a second letter. They practice the blend.
First graders work in pairs to match words with pictures. They share a blend with the class by holding up a picture and seeing the words written by the teacher on the board.
In this language arts instructional activity, students examine a word bank with 40 words which contain consonant blends. Students locate the words in a word search puzzle.
In this blended consonants worksheet, learners examine 12 picture clues and draw a line to the blend that begins the word. Included on this page are the blends: sk, sl, sm, sn, st, tr, tw, scr, spl, spr, str.
In this beginning blends worksheet, students read three mini stories. In each story, there are words that are missing the initial consonant blend. Students choose a blend from the box underneath each story to complete the missing words.
In this consonant blends worksheet, students read 11 sentences that have a missing word. Students fill in each blank with the correct consonant blend word from three choices.

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