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In this blends and digraphs worksheet, students add a letter or letters to the beginning of 27 words to change them into words with consonant blends or digraphs.
In this consonant blends worksheet, students read ten clues and place their answers in a crossword puzzle. All words will contain a consonant blend.
Use this packet of exercises to review r-controlled vowels, words with y, gr and tr blends, and br and pr blends. Learners practice printing and spelling, and they demonstrate their word comprehension. This is the perfect packet to send home with learners over an extended break! 
In this initial blends worksheet, students study the pictures and circle the initial blend word that matches the picture. Students complete 10 initial blend examples.
In this final consonants worksheet, students say the word for each picture and finish each word by writing in the final consonant blends. Students complete 10 words.
In this initial blends worksheet, students say the initial blends for each picture. Students bracket the 'bl' sound for the 5 examples.
In this letter blends worksheet, learners choose the correct picture that matches the letter blend that starts its name. Students complete this for blends br, bl, and cr.
In this language arts worksheet, students study 10 words which contain consonant blends. Students fill out a chart, using a dictionary to find 3 more words which begin with the same consonant blend.
In this language arts worksheet, students examine 6 words in a word bank that begin with the blend "bl" and use the words to complete 6 sentences. On the second page, students fill in the blanks with "br" in 6 words, then choose the appropriate word for each sentence.
In this word blend worksheet, student focus on the word blends at the end of each word. Students match 6 pictures in the first column with the correct word that corresponds in the second column.
In this consonant blends review learning exercise, students identify the consonant blends in 10 words and then use the 10 words to correctly complete 10 sentences.
Young scholars listen and respond to various forms of Caribbean music. In this music and culture lesson, students clap rhythms and respond to a sung call. Lyrics are analyzed for language blends and repetition. Music and culture from Puerto Rico, Cuba, Haiti, and St. Lucia/West Indies are included.
In this initial blends worksheet, students practice saying the b sound, then l, then put the 2 together and bracket the "bl" sound in a set of 6 words found beneath their pictures.
In this final consonant blends activity, students write the words from the box that end with the given pair of consonant blends. Students then pick a word from the box to complete the sentences. Students write taste or people to match the final 2 pictures.
In this final blends worksheet, students fill in the blank to the end of the word with either nk or lk. Students fill in the final blends for 8 words.
In this missing final blends worksheet, students fill in the missing final blends for sounds /lp/ and /mp/. Students fill in the sound for 8 words.
Review consonant blends with this visually-appealing and colorful presentation. It features a list of blends including ch, sh, th, tr, gr, pr, br, and more. There are pictures of objects that begin with the sound displayed on each slide. There are a variety of creative ways to use this resource.
In this ending blends instructional activity, learners read a story about an elk and an ant that contains 10 blanks. Students examine the first letters of the word, then choose an ending from the box to complete each word. The endings are: nd, nk, nt, pt, sk and st.
In this phonics review activity, students sharpen their skills as they identify the letters that make the blends in 10 listed words. Students use the 10 words correctly to complete 10 sentences.
In this initial blend activity, students practice saying the fr sound, then bracket the fr sound in words beneath their pictures. There are 6 words total.

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