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An art history detective; I want to be one of those! The class puts their heads together to hone their deductive and critical thinking skills in order to determine which Native American tribe created and used parfleche boxes. They'll use maps, research, and discussion to complete this fun and engaging task.
By discussing the history of photography, students can learn about this art and its importance in recording major events.
Using places can help students identify with the history-making women associated with them.
This is a tremendous overview of the tiny atom. Journey through the history of human understanding of this basic building block of matter. Examine each of the sub-atomic particles in detail: neutrons, protons, electrons, quarks. Peruse the periodic table of elements and discover electromagnetic forces. This is a classy and comprehensive compilation of chemistry slides that even includes a link to a 13-minute video. 
Discuss the art process called repousse with this lesson. Learners discuss the history of this artistic method, talk about the technique, and create their own examples. They use boxwood tools, paper mache boxes, and sandpaper to create their works of art.
In this lesson students research an important event in American history and use drama, art, music, and dance to express their findings. Suggested activities include illustrating a time line, decorating a shoe box, reciting a speech, putting on a play, or singing a traditional song from a particular time period.
Your class can create colorful book boxes with recycled boxes. Versatile and fun, this project can be adapted to various lessons: book reports, history projecs, science collections, and more!
Young scholars collect, categorize, analyze and present data, and participate in interpersonal and group activities. They discuss the people, places and events that are part of his or her community history by studying and visiting local graveyards.
Students view the video Exodus: History Writ Large. They review facts about Moses and his role in the story of Exodus. Students create a list of signifcant events in the life of Moses. They are explained that Moses and the story of Exodus have influenced oppressed peoples for thousands of years.
Students read the book Our Century, 1900-1910. In this history lesson, students write an essay comparing life today with life in the early 1900's. Students play a game answering questions on game cards and rolling dice to move around a game board.
Pupils create a website based on a history unit they have just completed. In this web design lesson, student analyze qualities of an effective website and create an architectural design for the home page and connecting pages. Students research, create and design content for their page in small groups.
Students create their own website to illustrate a theme form history. In this history and technology lesson plan, students create a home page or website for a recent history or social studies lesson plan. Students work in teams to complete the activity.
I love these are instructional activity ideas! Young artists practice the art of Calligraphy and Origami. They make gift boxes with good wishes. This plan includes an excellent component that shows exactly how to fold the paper in order to make the box, and some good descriptions of ways to use Caligraphy to decorate them.
Fifth graders, in groups, research a specified topic of Canadian history. They dramatize their findings, become familiar with many filming techniques and film themselves in a historical skit for presentation to the class.
Students analyze the specifications and construction of modern boxing rings. They calculate the area of circles and rectangles by different methods. They compare and contrast different areas in the ring used for attack and defense.
Students examine the jury system used throughout history. They act out a conflict in class and use different types of juries and conflict resolution methods. They write their reactions to each of the different types of resolutions.
Learners explore 6 boxes of stuff about famous people in history including Martin Luther King Jr., Peter the Great, Henry VIII, and more. In this history lesson plan, students then discuss their boxes with the rest of the class.
A lesson on the holiday known as Boxing Day is here for you. In it, middle schoolers read a passage about the history of the holiday, then complete some reading comprehension worksheets embedded in the plan to reinforce what they have read. Internet research is required in order to complete one of the assignments.
Students examine the role of water in Alabama's history. They discover the geographical regions of the state and how dams change Alabama's rivers.
Partners choose, research, and analyze fictional or historical characters and design character life boxes to represent them. They also compose a rhyme royal, which they understand inductively by deconstructing examples. Based largely on the book/play The Shakespeare Stealer, but it's not necessary to complete this creative project.

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