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Bulletin boards are not just for show, they can be interactive and informative too.
Students research preselected American Writers using primary sources.  In this American Literature lesson, students use their findings from their research to place information about the writers on the interactive bulletin board. 
Students state the reasons they are thankful. They follow directions to create feathers for a bulletin board turkey. They share their feathers before it is placed on the board.
Youngsters study the seasons, their birth month, and seasonal items. Each child will share a personal item that represents the season in which they were born. They add their item to a classroom bulletin board and write a sentence about their item. They also tell what they like to do in that season, and why they like it. Incorporate digital literacy by having kids create a virtual bulletin board on Pinterest or finding pictures you could pin onto a class Pinterest board for each season/month. 
Are these triangles congruent? How do you know? These are the fundamental questions being addressed in this resource. Young geometers explore what information needs to be given to create and show congruent triangles for displaying on a school bulletin board. 
Young interviewers will learn more about the school staff by asking them questions and creating a bulletin board display. They will learn how to make thoughtful interview questions, conduct professional interviews, and organize information for the bulletin board. A camera and word processing program is all that is needed to create a fabulous product!
Fall is a perfect time to make colorful bulletin boards that you can use to display student work.
Students investigate the many different landforms that are found throughout the United States. They use the internet and other resources to gather information. The information is used to prepare a multimedia slideshow and to create a classroom bulletin board.
Little ones work together to create an amazing Thanksgiving-themed bulletin board. The instructor creates a large undressed turkey and places it on the board. The children each make a unique and creative turkey feather. The feathers are arranged in order to "dress" the class's amazing bird. This lesson says it is intended for older elementary learners but it seems more appropriate for preK - 1st grade.
Students think and talk about the ways in which they use math throughout the day. They add each way to a "math in real life" bulletin board and reflect in writing on the ways they use math.
Students create a Spring bulletin board. Students color and cut out frogs and attach them to pipe cleaners. The frogs then bounce and move. Students discuss frogs and how tadpoles become frogs.
Students create a bulletin board with the theme of "Welcome New Fifth Graders". The requirements for them includes write to inform, use paragraph style, and cannot use an idea already on the bulletin board.
Students create colorful spring bulletin board.
Students create a paper mosaic display.  In this mosaic bulletin board lesson, students examine sample mosaics then use either staples or glue to attach colored  1X1 squares to large paper. 
Investigate physical education and sports throughout the years. Third graders view primary source prints and photographs and analyze what they see. Then, they compare different types of physical education programs and sports. The final product is a bulletin board or poster display.
Students create and paint flowers. In this flowers lesson, students read Planting a Rainbow, discuss the different types and parts of flowers, and paint their own giant flower. Students display their flowers on a bulletin board.
Fifth graders write a paragraph about what makes their school so special. They create collage seahorses and display their work on a bulletin board decorated in the style of illustrator Eric Carle.
Young artists create a bulletin board based on books they have read. They complete a book report and share the information with the class, and use different types of technology to help finish the board.
First graders explain that a character is a person or animal in the story and that characters have goals. They illustrate a caption of a character to be displayed on a bulletin board.
Students are introduced to current events through the use of a class bulletin board. They choose a person from current events to study and follow an outline to produce one or two notecards of information. They present their information to the class before placing their notecards on the bulletin board.

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