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Students study the months and seasons by bringing in an item that represent the season the their birthday occurs in. They either write or dictate at least one sentence about the object and how it represents the season. Using their objects and writing they make a bulletin board.
Young interviewers will learn more about the school staff by asking them questions and creating a bulletin board display. They will learn how to make thoughtful interview questions, conduct professional interviews, and organize information for the bulletin board. A camera and word processing program is all that is needed to create a fabulous product!
Students recognize that each student is unique and has special talents. Students develop a puzzle piece that describes them and their particular talents. Students share their pieces and post on a bulletin board.
Students become familiar with local community life by gathering information and designing booklets which become part of a bulletin board display about the community. Each student creates a slide to contribute to a class presentation about the community and participates in presenting the information to students from a different community.
Primary learners will embrace diversity and celebrate multiculturalism through these engaging activities. Which include reading the story Martin Luther King and singing the song "A Man Named King." They will also explore the concept of diversity through creating a paper doll model of themselves and adding this self replica to a class bulletin board. To complete this bulletin board students will dictate a sentence modeling Martin Luther King's vision of working together as one. To end this learning journey students will participate in making a peace tree.   
Fifth graders conduct a class survey and share the results with a class in another state via an electronic bulletin board. This technology-rich lesson is an ideal way to have learners practice communicating with others through the use of electronic means. As a culminating activity, each learner writes a paragraph on the benefits of conducting a survey by telecomputing.
Students read and interpret handout about sleeping habits and disorders, and plan and create classroom bulletin board that displays causes, disorders and effects of sleep deprivation.
Examine the differences between vertebrates and invertebrates as learners conduct Internet research, take an online invertebrate quiz, complete a vertebrate fact sheet, print out pictures of invertebrates they find interesting, and create index card information fact cards. In order to save paper, kids can create online bulletin boards to collect and share their favorite photos.
Create a language mosaic to reveal the linguistic diversity in your community. Pupils interview a person with a home language other than English and contribute to a bulletin board display representing the variety of languages spoken. The activity is part of the 1996 Canadian Census Results Teacher’s Kit. A link to other activities and materials is provided. Although the background information and statistics are based on Canadian census data, the concepts could be applied to any country or area
Students listen to the story Are You a Grasshopper and participate in a variety of activities that support the grasshopper theme. In this grasshopper lesson, students review the letter "G" as it relates to grasshoppers. Students explore a sensory table with rice that has been tinted green and cut out pieces of green construction paper to fill in the body of a large paper grasshopper that becomes a bulletin board.
Students explore the environment by creating a poster presentation. In this biome lesson, students identify the characteristics of a desert and the species which inhabit it. Students create a bulletin board based on a specific biome such as savanna, tundra or rainforest.
Students create travel brochures of China's nine regions and make a bulletin board display with them.
Middle schoolers research weather disasters by exploring relationships in the atmospheric variables that they can observe locally. They describe people who need weather forecasts in their daily lives/occupations and analyze weather data to produce a local forecast. Consider having learners create an online bulletin board showing pictures of different types of weather and forecasting tools. 
Students engage in a study of incorporating literature into the Social Studies classroom. They review a variety of literature sources and then create a bulletin board with the information. Then students practice using the Reader's Theater teaching strategy.
Third graders listen to the book, Giving Thanks: A Native American Good Morning Message. They share their feelings about the book and say what they are truly thankful for in their lives. Each student writes thankful thoughts on leaves for a bulletin board.
First graders, in groups, studying symmetry, compose collages and bulletin boards.
Young scholars create a bulletin board graph illustrating Punxsutawney Phil's past predictions. Students also perform research about past predictions. The learners also graph the predictions and answer questions about the data.
Fifth graders use descriptive words to write a recipe. They use the theme of Spring describing what would make for the perfect spring break, vacation, or day. They write their recipe on a recipe card and display their recipes on the bulletin board.
Learners identify the various jobs that need to be done to make a school run smoothly. They demonstrate their appreciation for the various people who work at the school by creating a bulletin board display and showing respect and consideration when the interact with adults at school. They write a class book about the people who work at their school and the jobs that they do.
Pupils work in small groups to find pictures that represent the fractions 1/2, 1/3, and 1/4. They paste their examples onto bulletin board paper and share their results with the rest of the class.

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