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Students investigate the painting style of Van Gogh by creating a bulletin board with sunflowers on it. This is a creative project that is to be done at the end of a unit of study for plants. Specifically, this is done because of the lack of a real field for observation.
Students investigate the many different landforms that are found throughout the United States. They use the internet and other resources to gather information. The information is used to prepare a multimedia slideshow and to create a classroom bulletin board.
High schoolers work together to create a bulletin board display for their classroom which is a Job Resource Center containing information and ideas for job search.
Students compare and contrast a Japanese castle with a Welsh castle. In groups, pupils use the internet to research specified topics on a castle. They explore the government, construction and military function of the area. Classmates create a bulletin board display of their findings.
Fifth graders research an assigned animal on the Internet and determine if their assigned animal is a producer, a consumer, or a decomposer. They type a one page report on their assigned animal citing online references, edit their work, and proofread another student's work. The students construct a food chain on the bulletin board using pictures they draw or pint out.
Students create a visual presentation of the characteristics of a biome. Working in small groups, students use traditional and online resources to gather data concerning biomes. Students use their information to create a bulletin board presentation.
Students study the process by which the colonists made fabric for clothes and quilts by looking at the trade books and bulletin board displays at the center and recording the information on their fiber investigation sheets.
Students analyze how the environment and family history impacts personal health. In this personal health lesson, students discuss cancer and survey the school community about the disease. Students create a bulletin board about cancer and build banners for people who have personally experienced the disease.
Students think and talk about the ways in which they use math throughout the day. They add each way to a "math in real life" bulletin board and reflect in writing on the ways they use math.
Fifth graders engage in this introductory unit instructional activity. A bulletin board for the unit be started, Colonial Notebooks be presented to each student, and a pre-test on colonization be administered.
Students participate in an act of kindess for a staff member in the building. Each student then writes about the activity that they performed and it is then displayed on the bulletin board with their picture. Learning is observed through their individual writing process. Students use the candy wrappers (sweeten) to decorate the bulletin board.
Pupils prepare a bulletin board that shows the changing identity of their state before and after statehood.
Students evaluate and compare events in history using famous quotes. They create a bulletin board of famous quotes dealing with equality. They create a multimedia presentation using famous quotes on the theme, All Men are Created Equal.
Eighth graders conduct research about geologic process. They use a creative project in the form of a bulletin board to engage diverse kinds of learners. They also create a play to be presented as a class.
Third graders create a timeline of inventions and inventors made out of light colored bulletin board paper.
Students explore positive and negative choices involved risk and consequences. They create a bulletin board with their completed bug worksheets.
Students predict what they would weigh on different planets. They use their Palms with appropriate software to determine the actual weights which they record on their worksheets. They use sticky notes to place their weight next to the appropriate planets on the bulletin boards.
Students complete a handout dealing with the languages spoken most frequently at home in Canada. They interview a person with a home language other than English or French. Students contribute to a bulletin board display representing Canada's language mosaic.
Happy birthday! Pre-K and Kindergarten young scholars bring in a photograph of their favorite birthday party. They get together in small groups and write about the birthday - with the help of adults. The stories and the photos are displayed on the bulletin board for all to see.
First graders write "I Can" statements to tell what they can do to help their community. They write the statements on a train car that has a number written on it. They share their statements in order of the number of their train car before adding their car to the bulletin board.

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