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Students create a business letter using "Letter Generator".  In this letter writing lesson plan, students use a computer program to learn what the proper business letter consists of.  After the instruction, the students are self guided with the computer program, and can be self paced. 
Ninth graders create real word business letters that promote goodwill and publish the letters. In this business letters instructional activity, 9th graders discuss the idea of establishing goodwill and study the elements of a business letter. Students use graphic organizers to guide them in the letter writing process as well as use sample business letters. Students research their audience, refine their purpose, and compose the business letters.
Students practice the format and elements of business letters by writing a request letter. In this business letter lesson, 11th graders review conventions of letter writing and brainstorm about their potential audience. Students research information for their audience, draft their letters, participate in peer revision, and type their final draft of the business letter.
Seventh graders word process business letters using proper tab settings, spell checking, grammar and punctuation. They use the Internet to search for names and addresses.
Learners practice with business letters. They identify main ideas and supporting details.
Students develop a career survey designed to obtain data about work skills, occupations, and course work. They write a business letter designed to entice a response.
Compose some real-world texts in your class. Individuals can use this page to assist with the format and content of a business letter. Each section in the organizer is labeled with instructions for content and formatting. The page itself is not in the format of a business letter, but rather acts as a guide and preparation point for learners.
Make requests and improve interpersonal communication skills by writing a business letter. The class implements correct order and format required for a block or modified block letter. Then, they choose a topic of interest so that they can compose business letters that make requests. Could be modified for ELD.
Fourth graders write and word process a two paragraph persuasive business letter. They ask a company to sell their product. They use the parts of James Gardiner's book, Top Secret, as ideas for their writing.
Students write, edit, and rewrite business letters to their choice of vendors with comments of criticism or praise.
Sixth graders identify the forms of business and friendly letters as well as edit and write their own business letter. In this letter writing lesson, 6th graders review the forms and differing structures of friendly letters and business letters. Students then edit sample business letters. Students select the version of business letter they prefer and write a mock business letter.
High schoolers explore techniques used in persuasive writing. After studying editing marks and business letters, they complete a business letter activity. As a class, students volunteer to read a business letter and make corrections on the overhead. Individually, high schoolers write a persuasive business letter and complete a business letter exercise.
Students review the main components of a business letter and an informal letter. They write a letter to the editor of his or her local newspaper in which he/she addresses a current issue in the community then they write a friendly letter to a friend about the issues written in their letter to the editor.
Students practice persuasive writing.  In this persuasive writing lesson, students read sample business letters and discover the appropriate form.  Students write their own persuasive business letter to a candy company with the intent of changing their favorite candy bar.
Sixth graders explore language arts by writing a business letter. In this communication technique lesson, 6th graders define several psychological terms such as humiliation, rejoicing, hesitated and taunting. Students create business letters which utilize new confrontation techniques and share them with classmates.
Students write a business letter, use details to support an opinion, and demonstrate public speaking skills. They clarify their own values regarding music and performers.
Students develop their writing skills. In this business letter lesson, students write a letter of nomination to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame regarding a music artist of their choice. Students read their finished letters to their peers.
Fourth graders produce and peer edit typed rough drafts of the business letters following the guidelines illustrated in the Eight Essential Parts of a business letter and save to disks. They complete the Where's the Math? scavenger hunt on the Internet.
Fifth graders write business letters to practice communicating in a professional way. For this business letter lesson plan, 5th graders also go over vocabulary, read books, and write in their journals.
Students practice writing business letters by writing a letter to the person who grade their FCAT test.

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