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Sixth graders compose business letters using word-processing skills, independent practice and color-coding.
Students create a business letter using "Letter Generator".  In this letter writing lesson plan, students use a computer program to learn what the proper business letter consists of.  After the instruction, the students are self guided with the computer program, and can be self paced. 
Ninth graders use prior knowledge in order to connect with the new writing concept presented in this lesson. They compose original business letters that are aligned with a specific rubric for completion.
Ninth graders create real word business letters that promote goodwill and publish the letters. In this business letters lesson, 9th graders discuss the idea of establishing goodwill and study the elements of a business letter. Students use graphic organizers to guide them in the letter writing process as well as use sample business letters. Students research their audience, refine their purpose, and compose the business letters.
Students practice the format and elements of business letters by writing a request letter. In this business letter lesson, 11th graders review conventions of letter writing and brainstorm about their potential audience. Students research information for their audience, draft their letters, participate in peer revision, and type their final draft of the business letter.
Seventh graders word process business letters using proper tab settings, spell checking, grammar and punctuation. They use the Internet to search for names and addresses.
Students practice with business letters. They identify main ideas and supporting details.
Students develop a career survey designed to obtain data about work skills, occupations, and course work. They write a business letter designed to entice a response.
What is a natural resource, and what resources did the Lewis and Clark expedition seek? After reading an article on the mapping of the west, learners get into small groups to discuss the important natural resources of the period. They conclude by taking on the perspective of Meriwether Lewis and writing a business letter to President Jefferson presenting the findings of the expedition.
Let them eat cake! Or in this case, a candy bar. To prepare a persuasive business letter, the class first consumes a candy bar. They discuss what they liked, disliked, and would most like to change about the consumed confection. Using details, they develop an argumentative claim which is the foundation for a persuasive business letter asking a candy company to change their trademark recipe. Links to printable materials are included.
Students write a business letter similar to one Captain Keller might have written asking the Perkins Institution to recommend a teacher for his daughter in The Miracle Worker.
Make requests and improve interpersonal communication skills by writing a business letter. The class implements correct order and format required for a block or modified block letter. Then, they choose a topic of interest so that they can compose business letters that make requests. Could be modified for ELD.
Students locate and print samples of two different business letter formats. They write rough drafts of business letters inquiring when, where, and how math is used.
Students write a business letter with information regarding specific writing mechanics. For this writing lesson, students learn to write a business letter and they focus on one area of concern. Students follow a business letter template and use a word processor to edit and enhance their written communication.
Students prepare a career survey as a class group. They prepare a business letter to accompany the survey. They catalog the results into a database and create database reports to summarize the information.
Develop letter-writing skills by adapting appropriate language conventions according to context. Young authors will write standard friendly and business letters, and send a business e-mail to a state's Department of Tourism to request information. This could be made into a unit to promote communication skills.
Fourth graders write and word process a two paragraph persuasive business letter. They ask a company to sell their product. They use the parts of James Gardiner's book, Top Secret, as ideas for their writing.
Students write, edit, and rewrite business letters to their choice of vendors with comments of criticism or praise.
Students investigate cities in Missouri. In this State of Missouri lesson, students use a map to locate various cities in Missouri and write a business letter to the Chamber of Commerce to request information about the cities.
Students read and discuss the short story, "The McWilliamses and the Burglar Alarm," by Mark Twain. They assume the role of the main characters in the story and write a humorous letter of complaint using a business letter format. They also recreate a presentation of the story in the format of their choice, highlighting Twain's absurdity and humor.

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