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Many math concepts are covered through this resource: percentages, decimals, ratios, exponential functions, graphing, rounding, order of operations, estimation, and solving equations. Colorful worksheets and a link to a Google search for fractals images are included. Note that the lesson plan states it is the second of five lessons in an investing unit, but the other pieces were not located on the publisher's website. The lesson does, however, hold plenty of value on its own.
Young adults consider the application of technology and communication in the business and management career cluster. They research careers in the cluster and discuss what skills are required to be successful. They use their findings to create a poster on business careers.
Eighth graders describe the entrepreneurial process and how it relates to the economy. They work together in small groups to answer questions and participate in small business groups. They use the internet to gather information as well.
Young scholars research and develop a plan for an international business trip. They conduct Internet research, prepare a structured itinerary, and develop an oral presentation that includes a pie chart itemizing the trip's expenses.
Students explore the concept of collaboration. In this teamwork lesson plan, students use handheld computers to evaluate the role of cooperation in today's business world.
Students in a Business Management and Administrative Services program job shadow for 8 hours with a business. They conduct an interview with a working employee during the job shadow experience and then prepare a PowerPoint presentation on the career.
In this English worksheet, students read "McDonald's Pulls Out of Iceland," and then respond to 1 essay, 47 fill in the blank, 7 short answer, 20 matching, and 10 true or false questions about the selection.
Explore the ethics, responsibilities, and impacts of the career cluster that relates to law. Learners examine various cases where legal action was taken and resulted in a consequence. They'll act out various scenarios, research jobs in the law career cluster, and create a visual representation of the job in that cluster they'd most like to do.
A great way to determine if a career is right for you is to try it out. Learners explore the marketing career cluster by interviewing a person working in the marketing field and by developing a marketing-related service learning project. They brainstorm a list of marketing careers and compare them to careers in business or administration.
Coordinate planes and Cartesian graphing systems are the focus of this math lesson. Learners use video, internet activities, and engage in hands-on activities in order to explore coordinate planes. The materials needed for this lesson are included in the teacher prep section of the lesson.
Students discover the types of batteries and their uses. They experience static electricity by rubbing glass jars and using it to raise their hair. After discussing the importance of recycling batteries and using ones that are rechargeable, they build homemade wet cells based on the Voltaic cell.
Students assume the role of community college instructors researching the feasibility of resource (chemicals, supplies, equipment) sharing between community colleges. They explore safety issues pertaining to chemical transport, storage, and disposal.
Students describe the importance of being a responsible citizen. For this philanthropic actions lesson, students view "An American Story" and identify examples from the movie. Students discuss and recognize philanthropic behaviors in the community through interviews and research.
In this stoichiometry activity, students calculate molar masses, empirical and molecular formulas to solve 105 problems and short answer questions.
Middle schoolers recognize that artifacts are destroyed over time.  In this environmental factors on artifacts instructional activity, students experiment and observe through the microscope to find the environmental impact on artifacts.  Middle schoolers make a list of the different issues facing places that preserve artifacts.
Read informational text which relays how medical care differs around the globe and throughout history. There are three separate lessons, each focused on a particular case study, regional medical availability, and cultural norms. Learners use the provided information to analyze and research a medical condition and possible treatment plan. This is a very complete series which includes worksheets, case studies, background information, narratives, and a glossary.
Students discuss gender role stereotyping and males and females in non-traditional work roles. They debate and discuss opinions as a group, and then as a class, concerning "men only" and "women only" jobs
In this chemical equations learning exercise, students write and balance chemical reactions. They complete 98 short answer and problem solving questions on molarity and chemical equations.
Twelfth graders are put into business management teams. Each week one leader research one of the following topics: Management, Leadership, Teamwork, and Ethics in Business. They give presentations to the class on their topic of study.
Students watch a video about Alicia Keys and discuss the business side of her career. Groups role-play producers for her new album taking on the responsibility for all aspects, including budgets, contracts, song production, and advertising.

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