In this calculus learning exercise, students calculate the derivative, find the invertible given the derivative and review basic concepts for their AP calculus exam. There are 17 questions.
In this calculus worksheet, students solve an intriguing cryptogram comprised of the addition of calculus vocabulary words. There is 1 cryptogram and solution.
In this calculus worksheet, students practice solving problems that will be on their calculus exam. They evaluate, take the derivative and find the slope of a tangent line. There are 28 questions.
In In this calculus worksheet, student solve 6 multi-step problems involving volume, intervals, acceleration, and graphing. A graphing calculator will be necessary to complete the worksheet.
Looking for an interractive presentation for your high schoolers dealing with calculus? Then this PowerPoint is for you! Problems that cover area, volume, and other calculus-related topics are presented. Students are led through the steps necessary to solve the problems, and are given instant feedback. 
In this calculus instructional activity, students solve problems with trigonometric functions. They take the derivative and find the average rate of change.
For this calculus worksheet, students take the derivative of functions, solve logarithmic equations and derive log formulas. There are 25 questions on this test.
In this calculus exam worksheet, students solve 40 multiple choice and short answer problems.  Students find derivatives, second derivatives, normal lines, slopes, etc.
In this calculus worksheet, students answer questions about integrals, trig functions and natural logs. There are 20 questions mixed with multiple choices and free responses.
In this pre-calculus worksheet, student solve 35 multiple choice problems and then place the answers in a Sudoku puzzle form. This worksheet would be a great warm up or fun test review.
In this calculus worksheet, students solve 28 multiple choice problems. Students find derivatives, volumes, limits, convergent series, etc.
In this calculus worksheet, students solve functions using the derivatives. They calculate the volume where the graph is revolving around the x-axis, a line, the y-axis and where x=e. There are 28 questions.
In this calculus worksheet, students solve functions by taking the derivative of the equations. There are 28 questions using logs and trig functions.
In this calculus worksheet, students solve 17 multiple choice problems. Students find limits, summations, and derivatives of functions. Students find the area of an enclosed region between two curves.
In this calculus worksheet, students observe the graph the function and identify the interval as increasing or decreasing. They identify the critical points and perform integration. There are 4 questions.
Here is a high-level, interractive presentation on calculus for your high schoolers. Parametric equations, derivatives, functions, and the Pythagorean Theorem are all part of this fine PowerPoint. Additionally, two interesting photographs of Mark Twain's homes begin the slideshow.
Students apply the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus. For this calculus lesson, students identify the graphical connections between functions and accumulation functions. They use a TI to represent the functions.
Students graph different functions and observe the slope of the tangent line. In this calculus lesson plan, students identify the slope and critical points on a graph. They use the TI calculator to provide a visual of the graph.
In this AP Calculus AB practice exam worksheet, students solve twenty-eight various multiple choice calculus problems without using a calculator.
In this calculus practice exam, students select the best answer to 28 multiple choice questions. Questions cover information from the entire year of calculus. A suggested time limit of 55 minutes is included.