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Students explore a linear, a parabolic, and a log function.  In this Algebra II/Pre-calculus instructional activity students investigate the graph a line, a parabola, and a log function.  Students examine the three graphs as they compare and contrast the three in a problem solving context. 
Students solve problems using implicit differentiation. In this calculus lesson, students take the derivative to calculate the rate of change. They observe two robots and draw conclusion from the data collected on the two robots.
Sal explores more complex limit problems including showing how to take the limit of an expression with a square root by using the conjugate and how to simplify trigonometric functions that are part of limit problems. Note: A mistake is made on the last step of first problem where multiplication should have been used instead of addition, resulting in the correct answer of 3/16.
Students calculate evaporation rate using differential equations. In this calculus lesson, students explain how pan evaporation works. They complete a worksheet to sum up the lesson.
Students calculate derivatives from a set of data. For this calculus lesson, students estimate the limit at infinity. They complete a Return Interval handout at the end of the lesson.
In this math worksheet, students complete a series of mathematical investigations to determine readiness for the course of study they are enrolled in. This worksheet is problem set four in a set of worksheets for calculus.
Students discuss the importance of fundamental theorems in math. In this calculus lesson plan, students define the fundamental theorem of calculus and discuss why it is so important they understand it. They work problems to model how this theorem works.
Twelfth graders discuss attitude necessary to be successful in calculus. In this calculus lesson plan, 12th graders review famous quotes about success to help them get motivated to learn and be successful in the classroom. This assignment contains interactive links.
Students explore the concept of minimization.  In this minimization worksheet, students determine the least expensive box given specific requirements.  Students solve a question from the AP Calculus exam in 1982; the same question from the movie Stand and Deliver.
Twelfth graders review the fundamental theorem of calculus and solve for the area under the curve. In this calculus lesson, 12th graders differentiate between the area under the curve and the definite integral as it related to the fundamental theorem of calculus. They work lots of examples with the instructor before being on their own.
In this calculus worksheet, students solve an intriguing cryptogram comprised of the addition of calculus vocabulary words. There is 1 cryptogram and solution.
In this A.P. Calculus worksheet, students complete a sixteen question test covering trigonometric integration, area under a curve, differential equations, and slope fields.  Some of the problems are multiple choice, while others are free-response.
In this calculus worksheet, learners practice solving problems that will be on their calculus exam. They evaluate, take the derivative and find the slope of a tangent line. There are 28 questions.
In this calculus worksheet, students calculate the derivative, find the invertible given the derivative and review basic concepts for their AP calculus exam. There are 17 questions.
In In this calculus worksheet, student solve 6 multi-step problems involving volume, intervals, acceleration, and graphing. A graphing calculator will be necessary to complete the worksheet.
Looking for an interractive presentation for your high schoolers dealing with calculus? Then this PowerPoint is for you! Problems that cover area, volume, and other calculus-related topics are presented. Students are led through the steps necessary to solve the problems, and are given instant feedback. 
Students, after entering the given conditions into FoilSim, apply calculus techniques to verify predictions.
For this calculus worksheet, students evaluate given integrals. Problems contain exponents, square roots, and complex fractions. This two-page worksheet contains 16 multi-step problems. Answers are provided on page two.
In this calculus worksheet, students determine the limit of the given functions.  The two page worksheet contains four problems.  Answers are provided. 
In this calculus activity, students solve problems with trigonometric functions. They take the derivative and find the average rate of change.