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New Review Career Project 2

Help your pupils find some direction with a career research project. Individuals research three careers, using the included graphic organizers to record their findings. They then create a visual aid on a computer and present their career. Specific requirements are listed on the assignment sheet and rubric included here. 
Future productive citizens explore a variety of science-related careers by matching the correct vocabulary word with the field associated with it. After discussing each as a class, assign one career to each individual and have them produce a drawing depicting the career. Terrific extension ideas and links to supporting materials allow you to make this a complete lesson for a career exploration class or as an introduction to any science course.
Use careers as a focus while teaching your class members how to create PowerPoint presentations. Class members research careers using the webpages linked in the lesson as well as independent searching. They plan out their presentations using the storyboard handout and spend at least one class period practicing and perfecting their PowerPoint skills.
Students research a career path in scientific and technical visualization. They prepare a Career Web Page about the career path they chose. The web pages be compiled into an electronic resource for future students.
High school kids get thinking about college by creating e-portfolios. They conduct Internet research on a specific career, take a self-assessment, and relate their interests/strengths to the career they've chosen. 
Students create and perform a scene for play using a common fairy tale for the story line. They view and discuss a video on careers in stage and radio to identify the roles and responsibilities for each of their group members.
Middle schoolers will identify several professions in the healthcare field along with the characteristics of effective healthcare providers. They will also consider if any of the occupations covered in class are appropriate career paths. Research will be done using the Internet. A list of healthcare careers and links are provided.
Planning a career assessment unit? Download this workbook and you are all set. Job seekers identify work-related values, set goals, and plan the steps necessary to achieve those goals. It is also important to consider obstacles that they might encounter and how they will overcome these obstacles. Of particular value are the lists of personal qualities, skills, and strengths.
For this science as a career worksheet, students choose a scientist and fill out the research form. Students make a poster and present a speech using the created poster as a visual aid.
Young scholars investigate various careers in the field of aviation in this lesson. They watch and discuss a video, develop a list of careers in aviation mentioned in the video, and create a resume and cover letter for an entry level aviation job.
Students explore the job market and write goals to reach their ultimate career. Individually, students complete a Career Step Plan of Action to outline their personal goals. Students research jobs and education necessary and predict a time line of achieving the final career goal.
Students conduct Internet research to begin thinking about future career choices or to explore careers the students might think about pursuing in the future. Students create a career database using Microsoft Access.
What do you want to do when you finish school? Most high schoolers have an idea of what they'd want to do, but little idea of how to achieve this goal. After researching a career of their choosing, learners identify qualifications, potential earnings, and working conditions. They transfer this knowledge into a well-written, five-paragraph essay. 
Students examine STEM careers and how they may progress in the future.  In this research professionals lesson plan students write an essay about choosing a STEM career. 
Students examine health related careers.  In this career lesson plan students create a presentation of health related careers and present it to the class. 
Students explore different careers in science. In this science career lesson, students examine how Western and non Western approaches complement each other in science. Students conduct interviews and have class discussions about their own interests in a science career.
Students conduct interviews of 3 people who have careers they are interested in and write up the interview in a presentation. In this careers lesson plan, students also have parent volunteers come in and talk about their jobs.
Now that your career explorers are thinking about the world after high school, it's time they learned how to research their options! Here's a great resource to get them gathering information from multiple sources. Learners brainstorm places they can gather the facts, then discuss what they will be looking for (aptitude tests, values, etc.). For homework, investigators interview a professional using the survey handout which is included (they can add questions). Finally, they begin research on a career that they are interested in. There is another worksheet here to help them organize findings.
Students view teacher-created poster depicting people in various careers, and use vocabulary words on poster to generate grammatically correct sentences relating to careers in target language. Students then choose specific career to research, and create group presentation to share with classmates.
High schoolers visit the Globe Projector exhibit in Xpedition Hall and explore the different types of map projections. They consider different careers requiring geographic knowledge and decide what projection would serve them best for each.