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In this online interactive literature worksheet, students respond to 8 short answer and essay questions about Ben Jonson's VolponeStudents may check some of their answers online.
In this online interactive reading comprehension worksheet, students respond to 25 multiple choice questions about Ben Jonson's VolponeStudents may submit their answers to be scored.
Students investigate entertaining characters within stories. In this writing lesson, students review nouns and adjectives and discuss magical characters. Students ask themselves questions about their selected characters and write a descriptive paragraph using given prompts. 
Students analyze different perspectives of the history of the Holocaust. They experience primary and secondary sources along with pieces from literature, documentaries, songs and letters. A commitment of honor and dedication is expressed through the thoughts and feelings experienced by the survivors of the Holocaust viewed in this lesson.
Students determine that thriving African cultures engaged in international trade and exploration before the emergence of European civilization. The study ancient Ghana, its geographic locale, the diversity therein to include its people, their lifestyles, languages, and customs.
Students study the myths of various African cultures and of the Mayan people. They identify unique characteristics of African myths and Mayan myths. They define and recognize the style and tone of the Mayan myths and create their own myths and folk tales.
Students examine the Caribbean in terms of its music, art, and folklore. As a class, they listen to a folktale and discuss the difference between telling a story and reading a story. In groups, they write their own folktale and share it with the class. They use the internet to research what it was like to grow up in Cuba during the 1970s. To end the lesson, they view examples of artwork and reflect on them in their journals.
Third graders research ecosystems, the work of ecologists, John Muir's contribution to the environment and an endangered species of their choice. They read books, participate in discussions, and write reports.

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