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Sixth graders explore world geography by investigating Central America. In this Latin America culture lesson, 6th graders utilize textbooks to research the economy, culture, and government of countries located in Central America. Students create a postcard or travel brochure based upon a specific country in Central America.
Sixth graders conduct research. In this Central America lesson, 6th graders study the various characteristics of the countries in this region. They are put in small groups and are assigned a country to gather more information on and present to the class. This lesson includes links for research and for a video to show the class.
Young scholars view a globe or world map and identify North and South America. They discuss locations of the United States, Mexico, and Canada. Students discuss where they think Central America is located. They identify the five countries that make up this area. Young scholars work in groups to create a video box about one Central American country.
Young scholars examine the role of women in Mesoamerica. They watch segments of the Discovery video "Mesoamerica: The History of Central America". After conducting further research pertaining to specific Mayan women, they write essays based on their findings.
For this Central America and the Caribbean worksheet, students learn about the culture, economics, and life of Central America and the Caribbean. Students utilize a graphic organizer and answer several questions based on their reading.
Sixth graders investigate trade routes from Central America. In this Central America lesson, 6th graders study natural resources important to Central America. Students explore trade routes between Central America and South America.
Ninth graders study the region and individual countries of Central America.  In this Geography lesson plan, 9th graders research different perspectives in the region.  Students participate in a debate. 
Students create a chart comparing the terrain, climate, economy, environmental issues and natural disasters for Mexico and the Central American countries. They view and discuss a video on the region then compile research on the internet.
Students are introduced to the geography of Central America. On a map, they route different ways to get from Spain to India. In groups, they research the development of the Panama Canal and how it shortened the trip across the Atlantic Ocean.
Students view a world map and discuss the differences between state, country, and city labels. They research to find the square mileage for several locations. Locations are organized by size, and labeled as to the category (state, city, country). Students discuss their opinions of the countries of Central America forming one country. They research to find facts to support their position and participate in a debate.
Sixth graders investigate human impact on Central American environment. In this Central America environment lesson, 6th graders explore human impact on the rain forest. 
Sixth graders create a map of Central America including major cities, countries, and landforms. In this Central America lesson plan, 6th graders use Google Earth to examine a map of the region and its countries.
For this online interactive geography quiz worksheet, students examine the map that includes 22 Central American countries. Students identify the names of the countries in 3 minutes.
Sixth graders create timelines in groups about the different country's histories in Central America. For this Central America lesson plan, 6th graders research the internet and write an essay about the Civil Wars and comparing the struggles of Costa Rica to another country.
Students research the life of a powerful woman of the Maya Empire. They analyze the role of women in Maya society and compare them to powerful women of today in an essay.
Students complete a grid on Central America's countries. In this Central America lesson plan, students include the population, natural resources, healthcare, and more about each country. 
Students create a video box about a Central American country. In this world history lesson plan, student research Central America and pick a country they want to investigate. They work in groups to create a video box that shows images about this country to share with the class. 
Students explore American values. In this American history instructional activity, students read passages from Ship of Gold in the Deep Blue Sea. Students collaborate to conduct research in order to build a timeline of the events surrounding the sinking and recovery of the SS Central America.
Fifth graders create an explorer's map. In this explorers lesson students use a map of the world as reference to draw their own map of Europe, North America, Central America, and the Caribbean Islands. The students use their maps to show the paths that European explorers used.
Fifth graders compare and contrast national governments in North America and/or Central America. They summarize the similarities and differences of the governments. They access websites imbedded in this lesson plan to do their research.